I think Louie burned himself!

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Louie- (1996-2013)

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Purred: Thu Nov 8, '12 5:37pm PST 
A couple of days ago I noticed the hair under Louie's armpit was all short and crispy. I washed it up and didn't think anything of it, until I looked today and noticed about a 1" circle of hair had all fallen out, and there's a little oval shaped sore in the middle of the hairless spot, looking very red. The only thing I can think of is he jumped up on my bathroom counter and laid down on my curling iron. He let me look at it and clean it (it doesn't look like ringworm, we've dealt with that before), and he can't reach it to groom, so I'm hoping it'll heal on it's own. I can't afford a vet visit (he got a clean "old man" bill of health earlier this fall) so I'm hoping it'll heal on it's own with a little watchful eye. How can I ensure it heals quickly? Is there anything I can put on it or do I just leave it alone?

Alex (sweet angel girl)

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Purred: Thu Nov 8, '12 7:52pm PST 
Get some clear aloe vera liquid or gel. NO dyes or additives, just aloe vera and use that.

Delyte, Dark- Angel, at- Bridge

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Purred: Fri Nov 9, '12 12:51pm PST 
This is Delyte. I had a burn on my stomach when I was at the vet after surgery. We think they put something in my cage to warm me after the operation and I pulled the covering off until the hot part touched my skin. I formed a big thick scab over it, but other than that there were no complications and I had no treatment for it. Eventually the big thick scab fell off on its own and the hair grew back, although it grew back white--and I am an all black cat.

Yours sounds much healthier, and I would think if you just check it every day and see if it is healing and not infected, it should do find. The fur might grow back in white or different than it previously was. It is a delicate spot to injure yourself, and normal walking and movement will pull on the skin.

Good luck to you, Louie, and stay away from that curling iron. It shows you have not lost any of your curiousity in your older years! Purrs! cat on moon