HELP refuse Metronidazole

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Kitty has had stomach issues and the vet prescribed half a tablet of metronidazole twice a day for 5 days and he won't let me get any of it in. We've tried that pill shooter syringe, curshing it and putting it on yogurt and ricotta. He refuses everything and refuses to go near it.

Is there anything we can do other than metronidazole for a bacterial inbalance?

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Try Pill Pocket treats way to go http://www.greenies.com/cats.aspx#/products/cat-pill-pockets You hide the pill inside the treat and let your cat eat it up smile Make sure that the pill is completely encased inside the treat. You can roll the treat in crushed up freezde dried meat treats or in stinky tuna juice to make it more yummy.

There are more tips here: http://catinfo.org/?link=pillingcats

Ask the vet if the pill can be compounded into a different form, like a flavored liquid or a skin gel.

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Can you ask the vet for metronidazole liquid? Metro tastes very bitter and gross and I doubt very much a pill pocket will work in this instance. She'll take one taste and it will come through the pill pocket, believe me. I'd ask the vet for the liquid version so you can squirt it in her mouth.


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Hi there, you can ask your vet to call the rx into a compounding pharmacy, they can make it into a liquid and flavor it in whatever kitty friendly flavor your cat may like such as beef, chicken and what have you. Metronidazole tastes absolutely terrible and is very bitter so it is not suprising that your cat does not like it. We call meds into a special compounding pharmacy quiet often, our clients and their fur-kids really appreciate it.


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Here's my experience with metronidazole...

Cat wouldn't take the pill, not plain, not with a pill gun, not in Pill Pockets, not in cheese. Cat would foam at the mouth when we gave her the liquid. (Put the syringe in the mouth at the side, where the whiskers end, NOT in the front.)

I've since read this article http://www.catinfo.org/?link=pillingcats in which I learned about this miracle stuff, Forti Flora.

It's supposed to be give your cat beneficial gut flora, kind of like yogurt does, but the special thing about it is that it has same stuff in it that they put on kibble to get cats to eat it.

So now pilling my cat is EASY.

1. Cut pill into tiny little bits.

2. Take a pill pocket (for dogs works fine), treating it like playdough, pinch off tiny little flat pieces, maybe the size of your thumbnail or so.

3. Place the disc over the pill (or pill fragment) on the cutting board till the pill gets stuck in it. Then lift and tuck, push, roll, or whatever until the medicine is wrapped in pill pocket and the whole thing is about the size of kibble. (small as or smaller than a pea)

4. Make as many small pill pockets at is takes to hide one dose of your pill.

5. Roll all the little pill pockets in the Forti Flora powder. I have some powder in a little tupperware, and I drop all the pill pockets in, and give the whole thing a good shake. I make my pill pockets in the evening and leave them "soaking" in the powder overnight, so giving pills in the morning is quick and painless.

6. Give to cat, who now thinks she's getting treats.

This has worked for me. This Forti Flora stuff is magic. It's available on Amazon if you can't find it locally.

Good luck.


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THis is the most brilliant thing I have ever heard, cutting a pill into tiny pieces and putting in pieces of a pill pocket. Brilliant! I hope I remember this next time I need to give medicine.