Lomustine vs. leukeran

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Hi. I was wondering if anybody has experience with lomustine? My senior cat was recently diagnosed with small cell lymphoma. She's had 3 treatments of leukeran, but doesn't do very well for at least a week after the treatment. She doesn't eat and she has muscle spasms. We're concerned that the spasms may lead to something worse. She's also taking prednisolone daily. She hasn't gained weight, but she hasn't lost weight either. Thank you.


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I have not, but I wanted to bump you up as I know there are cats that are on these meds. Best of luck


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Elvis was taking Leukeran for 2 weeks and he did not improve, he quit eating while on Leukeran. We stopped the Leukeran he are trying Vincristine tomorrow morning. Elvis has petechiae and it looks like he has some internal bleeding right now. The internal medicine specialist my vet has been consulting with thinks the Vincristine will help. There is a Feline Lymphoma support group that I just joined in Yahoo Groups. A lot of people in the group have experience using both Leukeran and Lomustine. I will let you know how we do on the Vincristine. Was that given as an option to you?

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So sorry you have lymphoma. I had small cell intestinal lymphoma. My specialist put me on cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan), which I took twice a week along with daily prednisone and it worked very well. There were no side effects of any kind and my cancer went into remission. Perhaps it could be an option for you?

I also highly recommend the Yahoo Feline Lymphoma group. You'll get good answers to your question in that group. Most specialists initially prescribe Leukeran for smell cell lymphoma but there were other kitties in the Yahoo group with smell cell lymphoma who were also successfully taking cyclophosphamide.

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Thank you for your responses. My cat has not responded well to the lomustine. She hasn't been eating and now has diarrhea - which she never had in all of her 16 years. I have not been given an option Viscristine.

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