Is This True?

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So I was just reading around the internet, and came upon this:

“After their kitten vaccinations, indoor cats don’t really need to be vaccinated. They’re not going to get rabies sitting inside the house. Vaccines have the potential to create a lot of harm for cats, including possible tumors at the vaccine site.”—Jill Elliot, DVM, owner of Holistic Vet in New York and New Jersey.

Is this true?


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No. Rabies is a definite for your own protection! A bat got into my house and my cats were playing with it! And cats need protection from upper respiratory diseases and leukemia. Vaccine sarcomas are pretty rare.


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I agree with the Rabies...we had a bat get into our house and the cats were having a blast trying to catch it.

Some people don't give vaccinations after the first initial ones, I tend to be on the better safe than sorry, since I live in the country and although Sonny doesn't go outside, Macy does on a rope and harness and does tangle with strays once and awhile, and if he isn't protected than Sonny is in danger also to whatever Macy may bring in.

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Hi...!! It's Jan here....Meouwmy of Jimmy Riddle and three other kitties (also of Joseph Conrad - but he has gone to Rainbow Bridge and his is another story...!!)

Anyway...I wanted to write to you yesterday, but I felt I had to wait and see what others said...especially regarding the rabies jab....I live in England and we do not have the rabies jab for our kitties (unless they are going abroad and coming back again)....but it seems to me that in a place where there is rabies, even if only potentially, then indoor and outdoor cats SHOULD all have the jab....

However, as far as the other jabs are concerned....this is where I am interested in what other people have to say.....

We have always had our cats given whatever injections are available...(our cats are always indoor/outdoor cats) and we have always got them when they were young and immediately had them given the injections....BUT we found Jimmy when he was about 5 years old....and he was big, beautiful and sparklingly clean....

Sorry for the long lead-up to the main point....!! But here we go.....We have had him for nearly two years now and we have never had him given any injections for anything....SHOULD WE? We just feel that if he was going to catch anything he would have done so by the time we found him...the other cats always have their injections every year so we feel that they are safe from anything they could catch from him....and if there is anything that they are not vaccinated against that he could give them...well...he's been with us for nearly two years now, so it is in 'the lap of the Gods'.....

As to the possible sarcoma at the injection site....yes, that has worried me....AND I have heard of it happening....but it has never happened to any of our cats over a....what? nearly 40 year period...although when Joseph Conrad was nearing his time for the Rainbow Bridge he lost all the fur around the injection site.....

Colin and Miss Lillie go to the Vets in August for their yearly overhaul and injections.....Tambolina goes to the Vets in December for hers....SHOULD I TAKE JIM as well when the Tambi goes?....should I start having him given all the injections? My gut feeling is that there is really no point....thoughts, please?

I am so sorry, if I seem to be 'muscling in' on this thread, but it IS relevant and, I suppose, more or less the same question....

Any thoughts?

Jan (and the Jimmy Riddle)

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Some vets are now injecting near the leg so if there is cancer, the leg will be removed. It is rare as you noticed. As for cats getting rabies, they can. If you ever need to board, you have to have them
vaccinated in the states. I think that it must be the same in England. There was a rabies cat in
the New England area. It does place the whole family in harm's way. I would still injected unless the cat is old and you are worried about the effects. All of mine have always been vaccincated and they are house cats.


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In many areas in the U.S. cat and dog owners are legally required to have their pets vaccinated against rabies. My vet always does this for my cats, but the other vaccines she bases on the overall health of the cat in question. Mika, for example, did not get his combo vaccine once his kidney disease had progressed to a certain point because our vet felt the additional risks to his health would outweigh any benefit he might get from the vaccine. He went to the bridge a few months ago, so vaccination isn't an issue for him anymore.

All us kitties came to live with our current Mom and Dad when we were already adults and the vet has kept us as current with vaccines as our general health permits.