chronic bladder cystitis

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i don't know if a second opinion would help much. i've done enough research, we've been through this before, and i've seen the results from the tests...i'm going to get him in for another urinalysis probably this week and perhaps more pain meds. if it is a behavioral problem, i don't know what to do for that either other than to try a calming collar, which may or may not help. the feliway plug in won't work in my house because it's a closed type floor plan and einstein doesn't spend more time in any one room.


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I have a friend whose cat was peeing outside the box (determined to be a behavior issue, not a medical one). L-Theanine is helping. It's the ingredient in Anxitane®. My friend is using L-Theanine instead of Anxitane® since it's cheaper, but a vet determined the dose for her to use.

Here's a link: ANXITANE®

It's something to ask your vet about. It sounds as if Einstein may have both medical and behavioral issues. Stress could be exacerbating the medical issues, so an anti-anxiety supplement might help. At this point, I'd think it's worth checking into.

Here's a vet's page on Facebook that anyone will be able to see, whether you're on Facebook or not. Just close out the big pop-up window that wants you to sign up for Facebook in order to 'connect' with Dr. Nichol. You don't have to 'connect' with him to be able to see the page. Dr. Nichol has been using Anxitane® successfully, and has a recent post (Nov 5) about it. That post is about dogs but Dr. Nichol advised my friend with her cat, too.

Also, have you tried pee pads in places where Einstein pees? You can get cheap bed pads for people at Target or WalMart (usually near the pharmacy section) for probably less than you'll pay for 'puppy pee pads' in the pet dep't.

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Natasha got a lot of them. The vet decided to do a time check over days to make sure that she got the right meds for the problem. Your vet may giving the wrong meds for the treatment. You may need a second opinion. I know that it is frustrating but the cat isn't feeling well either.
By the time, we know that they have an infection, it may have been going on for some time.
My vet also gave the meds longer than the usual ten days. Clamavox was not the meds that she chose either. She went with another one. I can't remember the name, perhaps someone does....

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