7 month-old chewing everything

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Ash is 7 months-old and lately she's taken to chewing everything and nipping at my hand when I'm petting her and we're trying to sleep. She used to do this when she was teething and then she stopped. Last night she threw up (which I only discovered this morning) as she had swallowed half of my hair tie! I try to keep small things away from her reach so this doesn't happen but she must've found one lying around.

She also tries to chew my laptop and phone. Her gums and teeth look fine - no inflammation or redness or anything. Anyone know what could be the issue? Could she still be teething? She's almost 8 months. She's eating fine too - no loss of appetite. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Maybe she's bored thinking Human's Leroy used to chew on anything he could get his mouth onto shock He stopped when Human got him another cat to play with. Is getting another cat an option?