Cat not eating after dental surgery - 5-7 days

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Young cat not eating. Dental surgery. Required. 12 teeth pulled. Only swallow some "Temptations". Cannot get to eat wet food. Bit of temperature. Any advice or past experience? 25/09/2012.

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Teeth removal is painful. Did the vet prescribe any pain reliver medicine? If not, you need to call the vet and get some. Liquid buprenex is a common pain reliver used after teeth extractions. You squirt it into the side of the mouth. You do not want the cat to swallow it.

And you need to call the vet and tell him/her about the cat not eating and what you can do to get food into the cat. Not eating can result in fatty liver disease. Warming up some stinky canned food, like a seafood one, usually works. The vet can give you FortiFlora to sprinkle on top of food.

Try even syringe feeding the canned food. Make a pate/loaf style canned food soupy with water and use a pet feeding syringe (found at any pet store) to slowly squirt small amounts of food into the cat's mouth.

Is there a vet ER in your area that you can call tonight for help?


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From an earlier response on a different topic by Merlin...
You can also try meat baby food. Be sure to read the baby food label - some contain garlic, onions, and other things that are harmful to cats. Beechnut brand has meat in broth baby foods that are good to use.

If you can't get kitty to eat tonight take him/her into the vet ASAP.

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Thank you to all that responded. I have his meds home (at work), but he was prescribed painkillers which I put in his mouth. He has been given antibiodics and I do have some FortiFlora. I will sprinkle on his food and see if he eats anything else. Only have a few "Temptation" treats in last few days. Very discouraging. Have bought baby food, heated up stinky smelly cat food, making food mush -no go. He had wet food before, but will not touch it now. Just walks away. Thank you. 26/09/2012