This is just Heartbreaking and an Outrage.

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Sir Earl- Grey aka- Arnie

One Cat Earl, to- rule them all
Purred: Mon Sep 24, '12 11:07am PST 
http://news.yahoo.com/cat-goes-vet-flea-bath-gets-euthanized-1134418 50.html

Baybee (in- loving- memory)

Attack of the 3- legged Demon
Purred: Mon Sep 24, '12 5:54pm PST 
that's horrible! I know the son signed the wrong forms but when Baybee was put down - I was questioned, Baybee was examined, the whole 9 yards. The vet should have questioned why a healthy 8 year old was being put down

btw your link was broken

http://news.yahoo.com/cat-goes-vet-flea-bath-gets-euthaniz ed-113441850.html


the queen
Purred: Mon Sep 24, '12 6:44pm PST 
Here is a link for cat goes vet flea bath gets euthanized. we read about it all ready, your right, the vet or someone should have ask some questions on why this is being euthanized.

fyi-baybee earl grey's was not broken, it just had a space in it. look at the word euthanized in your link you posted, there is a space in it. this does seem to happen on casters when you post this kind of link. this has happen many times.

may the purrs be with you.