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Help! Congestive Heart failure?

This forum is for cat lovers seeking everyday advice and suggestions on health-related issues. Remember, however, that advice on a public forum simply can't be a substitute for proper medical attention. Only your vet can say assuredly what is best for your cat.


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I took my kitty to the vet due to he was breathing funny and laying around, lst yr my vet heard a murmer but said not to worry about it so this time they did xrays and bloodwork xray showed fluid in lungs and little bit of an enlarged heart.. bloodwork is fine except for a very high white count.. my baby is 15 and a Javanese.. I am so in love with this kitty I am beside myself.. well they started him on a very low dose of lasix and an antibiotic Orbax, he was on pred every other day for his stomatitis so they said stop the pred cause it can cause fluid back up.. ugh..I also was giving miralax daily mixed with water due to he is always constipated.. well he is slowly doing normal things again after starting the meds like grooming and scratching on the post and getting up to eat without me carrying him.. I am wondering if he may have aspirated some of the miralax mixed with water cause I squirted it in his mouth and several times he coughed after. I am thinking this because he is responding to the antibiotics.. the vet said the high white count could mean infection, or inflamation or cancer.. does anyone have any advice? I am so sad.. his name is Moch pronounced Mo-chee.. I love him so much everything I read about the heart on the net is bad.. the vet wont give him heart med unless I do an expensive echo test on him and I am broke from her bill til next month.. oh I am so sad.. I think he may have gotten pneumonia though from medication aspiration.. dunno.. cryshrugfrown


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I am sorry you are going through this...but perhaps since you say Moch is responding to the antibiotics things are less bad than you suppose. I'm afraid I don't have any special advice except to say that there is lots in your post to suggest Moch may be getting better not worse. Time will tell and whatever happens Moch will have all your love. Purrs from Abby.

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Thank you so much Abby it means alot to hear positive things.. he is doing alot better, not sure if its the lasix or the orbax.. Cindyapplausesmile


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It sounds like Moch has a lot going on. Has he been tested for Feline Leukemia or FIP? These would be the two diseases that would concern me when it comes to his symptoms.

Is Moch eating and drinking normally? Is he losing weight?

The fact that your vet has heard a heart murmur, and Moch has an enlarged heart, it really sounds like he has some sort of heart issue. I have two cats who have enlarged hearts. One had a partial thrombo embolism (saddle thrombosis) 3 years ago. A thrombo embolism is usually a death sentence, but since it was a partial one, my vet was able to save his life. Since then I've had him on a cocktail of vitamins/supplements and 1/4th of a baby asprin every 3 days. The most important supplement I have him on is Co Enzyme Q 10. It is a miracle drug for the heart. 25 mgs of Co Q 10 a day can have dramatic results with cats with heart issues. Do some research on it. I feel like Co Q 10 has helped keep Sammy alive this long.

My other cat (Boo Boo) who has an enlarged heart has very different symptoms then Sammy. Sammy is very thin and we have a hard time getting weight on him. Boo Boo is obese, and often has fluid in the lungs. Boo Boo coughs a lot, while Sammy never coughs. I have Boo Boo on Co Enzyme Q 10 as well.

I also was unable to afford getting any high-tech heart tests for my two cats, so I feel for your there. If you do some research, there are organizations out there that will give you a grant to pay for certain tests for your kitty if you qualify. Most of these orgs require a report from your vet that this test is vital in order to save your cats life. I will warn you that a lot of these orgs are lacking in funding right now, so it might be hard to find one who can help. But it's worth a try.

It might be so many things, especially since Moch is elderly. I have never had a cat that lived to 15 (and I've had A LOT of cats in my 35 yrs) so I have no idea what kind of illnesses a 15 yr old cat is suceptible to get. The high white blood count does sound like some kind of infection is present. Make sure you monitor his eating/drinking/potty habits closely.

I hope you can figure out what's wrong with Moch. Hopefully you can get together some money and get him back to the vet for further testing. I too have money issues, especially because I have 8 rescue cats, most of which have some sort of health issue, so I spend A LOT of money at the vets office. Often I have to sacrifice my own needs to get my cats the care they need. Maybe you can borrow money from a family member or relative? I read you are seeing signs of Moch getting better, but you should be prepared (financially and emotionally) for him to go downhill again. Cats can show signs of improvement, but then turn around and go downhill fast. I hope this won't be the case for Moch, but just be prepared in case.

I wish you and Moch the best of luck. If he hasn't been already, please ask for him to be tested for Feline Leukemia and FIP. These are the two diseases that concern me the most regarding Moch's symptoms. Also, has your vet checked Moch's stool? There might be a clue in a stool sample.

Keep us updated!

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well now he is getting some blackish green dark soft stool since he started on the Orbax.. vet says she thinks its from his stool normalizing not sure from what but it could also mean he has blood in his stool.. today he seemed a little down and he looks thinner I gave him half of the lasix dose cause last night he was drinking alot more water than normal.. he may have gotten dehydrated.. so im gonna check into the organizations.. they might not help if what he has is incurable.. I had help from them with a rescue kitty I adopted last yr that has bowel issues.. I feel guilty for adopting him now cause he pesters my Mochi I think Mochi got a broken heart cause I adopted the new kitty and it made him ill...cry