Hairballs and Barfing a Little

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Purred: Wed Sep 19, '12 6:56pm PST 
So last week I barfed up two big hairballs.... and I have NEVER done that before!

Yesterday I stole a piece of Mom's chicken, she chased me, I swallowed it whole and then barfed it back up immediately! Mommy thinks because I ate too it too fast and didn't really chew it in my haste to get away.

THEN just meow I was sitting in the living room grooming myself and I puked up a tiny bit of mostly bile. Also, my poop stinks a little bit more than normal lately.

I haven't changed food. I act like I feel fine, running around the house, playing with mom and dad, sleeping with them, etc. Nothing out of the normal.

Anyone have any ideas as to what is wrong with me? I plan to call the vet tomorrow morning and get an appointment but in the meantime mom is just wondering what everyone else's experience wit this may be?


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Purred: Wed Sep 19, '12 8:43pm PST 
hairballs can make your tummy feel crummy. It could be nothing, it could be a little tummy bug. Best to see the vet to be safe. You can give 1/4 tablet of Pepcid, the regular one only, but check with your vet. Hopefully it is nothing. Sometimes Maizy does this too. Let us know how it goes Rousch!


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Purred: Thu Sep 20, '12 8:06pm PST 
Awwww Rousch... Hairballs are no fun. When I do them my tummy acts funny sometimes for a couple of days sometimes. I love chicken too and will swipe some if I can. I likes pork too shock There are 4 of us kitties and it seems like we have hairballs now and then but Daddy does not seem too upset about it anymore. We gets brushed every day and Furminated once a month so it's not such a big deal anymore. Daddy will also give us feline Greenies hairball control "Smart Bites" which we love to help control those pesky things. You should be okay in a couple of days. If not, make your mommy call the vet. Keep us posted! way to go

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Purred: Fri Sep 21, '12 8:28am PST 
Please keep an eye on that poop smelling and the barfing bile. Even if the hairballs are the only apparent thing, if he starts to throw up more than a couple of times per week or there's more bile in it, please bring him to the vet. thinking