Flea allergy

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Purred: Tue Sep 18, '12 7:24pm PST 
I have been with my human for 8 years but have developed this allergy only since last year. I am a mess. I itch to the point of covering myself with scratches and scabs. A flea bath helps but only for about a week. My human has tried about all of the flea treatments and although they lessen the numbers I still suffer. One thing she has just hit on it's called kitty calm down.Just a capful in my water and it seems when I am relaxed I don't scratch as much and I am much happier.And fall is here so the fleas should go away.


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Purred: Thu Sep 20, '12 8:38pm PST 
Hi There wave I think maybe a little more information is needed. Are you asking for help or suggestions? Do you know for sure it is a flea allergy and not a food allergy? What has your vet told you? What flea medications have you used? Not all flea medications are equal. Are you an indoor or outdoor kitty?