Getting rid of fleas

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Hello! I'm posting for my stepsister and a kitty that she has taken in. She found out that he had fleas last night. She gave him some frontline treatment but was looking to see what the best way to get rid of fleas in her house. She mentioned using borax and I've never heard of that! Is borax safe to use around animals?


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I don't know about borax thinking

Diatemaceous earth can be used for a flea problem but I'm not quite sure how that works shrug

Vacuum frequently, wash anything your cat sleeps/lies on in hot water to kill fleas, combd frequently with a flea comb to remove fleas and swish the comb in hot soapy water in between each pass to kill the fleas. You can try a flea bath. Some grooming places will do flea baths on cats. You can buy flea bath shampoos and stuff at the pet store.

Continue with Frontline as prescribed by the vet. It will take time to work and get rid of the fleas.

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Diatomacious earth (I know I spelled it wrong.. sorry) is basically finely ground up fossils that are a bit of an abrasive. They scratch the insides of bugs and kill them that way. Anything cat/dog size or bigger won't have that problem, because our lungs are too big to be affected. Make sure if you go that route to get the food grade type rather than the type for pools. Food grade is safe in case animals or humans ingest it. The pool type is not due to added chemicals.