babe is getting sick

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we have a problem with babe she likes fancy feast cat food with gravy i only give her halve can in the morning and evening it is called fancy feast for gravy lovers she also gets dry food which she also eats i have to fill her dry food every two days so i know shes been eating the dryfood we found she is twelve yrs old but she looks younger then that when she does get sick its all pink stuff do you think the canned food we shouild elimanate gradully that is what she was raised on is there a way we couild put some gravy in her dry food what shouild we do until her stomach settles down my mom says not to change her food since she is older weve only had her for two months my family owns a retirement home and one of our residents had her and she passed away the her family couildnt find anyone that wanted babe so they were ging to have her put down so i went ahead and took her she is very lovable

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No kitty needs to be on dry food and you should eliminate any food with gluten or grains in it. Stick with the Fancy Feast that has no gluten, the pates. Dry food is just bad carbohydrates. Especially at her age, dry food can cause urinary tract infections and kidney issues due to not having one single ounce of moisture.

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I agree with Alex, but also if you DO decide to stick with just the dry food - DO NOT put canned gravy on the food! Most canned (and powdered gravy mix) contain onion and/or garlic which is not good for cats. Make your own gravy using just beef or chicken stock maybe?
Good luck!!

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