Is my cat sick, depressed, or just being picky?

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I have 2 cats, a 2 year old female and a 4 month old male kitten. The 2 year old has been a bit unhappy since the new kitten arrived and gets all the attention. However, she seems to enjoy playing with him and bathing him like a mother cat would do. Anyways, on Sunday morning the 2 year old vomitted up her dinner from the night before. Since then she has vomitted about 4 other times, but only clear liquid (water?). She ate chicken and rice on Wednesday night, but refused other food until last night. I offered her baby food (chicken) which she loved and this morning she ate the raw food I got from the pet store for the kitten (it is a prepackaged raw formula for cats, frozen in pellets). She seems to be drinking water and using the litter box as normal. I was going to take her to the vet, but now am wondering if it would just be a waste of money if the issue is just pickiness or the heat is bothering her.

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It's pretty hard to tell but if she's still refusing food please don't wait to bring her. I'm glad you gave her some baby food (no onions or garlic I hope), and maybe if she likes the pre-packaged raw you could switch her over to that diet for good!!! That would be ideal for her. Apparently there was some stress bringing in the new kitten but hopefully she's acclimating. If though this weekend she continues to be picky, think about calling the vet on Monday. It's too dangerous to let her go without the proper amount of calories. big grin

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The big question is whether you had your new kitten tested for diseases (feline leukemia, feline AIDS, herpes virus, etc). You said your cat has been grooming this kitten, and it's possible your kitten has passed on a disease to your older cat. Not to scare you, but that is something I have had a lot of experience with as a cat rescuer. Is your older cat vaccinated regularly? Definately take her to the vet asap if she doesn't start eating like normal, and for SURE watch to see how much water she is consuming because cats can become dehydrated FAST, within a day or two, and this can be fatal in a cat. If she's not drinking, that's more worrisome than not eating since she can go a lot longer without food than water. And if she hasn't vomited a lot in the past, vomiting that much all of a sudden is a clear sign that something is wrong. My best advice is to watch her VERY closely and document her eating, drinking, bowel elimination, and vomiting in order to give your vet the most accurate information. Good luck to your kitty!