Sonny Peed on the bed!

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Purred: Sat Aug 11, '12 6:13am PST 
I really can't believe it. I was laying in bed this morning before and Sonny came on the bed and peed right next to me! Thank goodness its a water bed so I don't have to worry about a mattress being ruined but I can't figure out why.

We haven't added any new critters, and he is acting normal. The spot isn't blood stained plus he eats the urinary food that Macy does. The only different things I am seeing is that he isn't eating his wet food and I did just switch the urinary food. We do have 2 litter boxes, and although the one was a bit fuller than usual the other was fairly clean. I know Macy sleeps on the bed but it has been three years they have been together so not sure if it would be a territory thing.

Any suggestions on what the issue could be? Obviously if he does it again he is going to the vet since he has to get his shots anyways, but I am stumped.

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Have you noticed any fighting between Sonny & Macy? Are they interacting any differently than usual? Sonny's pering on the bed could be due to a number of different reasons. One thing that comes to mind is that you said you have two litterboxes. Some cats can have a preferance for a certain litterbox, & perhaps the one that was dirty is the one he prefers the most. Do you frequently clean out the littetboxes? I mean, empty the old litter & disinfect the whole box? Sometimes bacteria & mold can build up. Every couple of months I thoroughly scrub mine with soap & water, and then scrub them with white, distilled vinegar. The vinegar will kill any bacteria and/or mold.

If it's a territorial issue, I suggest watching your two cats interactions very carefully to see if they are having any issues. If so, I recommend purchasing "Feliway" cat pheramones. You can get it in spray form or in a plug-in diffuser. This product can work wonders to destress an insecure cat. Also, try having plsy time with both cats on a regular basis...play with them together...make them take turns playing with a string or some other toy. I have 8 cats & some don't get along with others. To help them bond, about once a week I gather them in the livingroom for play time, then after playtime I give them catnip, then to top it all off I then give them some treats. This seems to really help keep them as a well balanced group.

Hope something I said may help. Good luck to you & your fur-babies!


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The cats seem to have one box for #1 and the other for #2 and the #1 box was dirtier than usual since it has been hectic here and I forgot to do it the night before.

My husband did find a hole in the waterbed and said it was probably that but I still think it was urine by the smell and color. He hasn't done it since, so I am keeping an eye open and hoping it was just the dirty litter box. shrug