Kidney support supplements?

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Has anyone used these for cats with renal disease and how did you like it?

- renal advanced powder kidney support for cats

-standard process renatrophin

I'm pet-sitting a cat that is very thin due to kidney issues, she's on dry prescription food but due to not eating it, the vet said she can eat whatever just to keep up the weight. So now she mostly eats fancy feast canned.

I got couple cans of EVO to get her to eat some more food and she likes it quite a bit, so I'll try to get the owners to switch to it or something more nutritious. She also gets this powder mixed in with the food to lower phosphorus levels.

anyways, as far as those supplements go, is it something they can add without having to consult a vet or could it be harmful if she's in advanced stages of kidney disease? I think one of them is mostly probiotics/b-vitamins and helps the absorption of food.

the standard process one is kidney glandular.

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I give Gump the Standard Process Feline Renal Support supplements (here and there, not all the time). I heard about it from a holistic vet and recently found out that my regular cats-only vet clinic also carries it. These supplements won't do any harm and may be beneficial at any stage of CKD. B-vitamins and probiotics also would be helpful. One thing I can think of to be cautious with is giving extra potassium, but these other supplements shouldn't be any concern. That's great that you are concerned about the kitty you are pet sitting for. Are they giving the cat fluids?

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Gump is right they should be giving him sub q fluids. Also, I give my sister's cat Vet's Best Urinary Support. She eats it like a treat and loves it! It works really great for her. I also recommend B12 injections.