i am searching for info and need it fast!

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ok first i will let you all know i have contacted my vet and they know whats goin on...now what i need is some help deciding what can or should be done.. heres the problem our cat kilo is a year and 1 month old hes been a very healthy cat had his shots and always on flea preventative revolution.. well i screwed up we are low on money and could not get his revolution last week, first time ever i bought a flea collar ive never used one before and ive had cats since i was 3. ok we put it on him and of course he hates collars anyways so it bugged him. i went to work and for the first day he was fine evn the second morning by 8 or 9pm the second day he was agitated my daughter said she causght him licking the collar so i automatically removed it... about 12 midnight he comes running into my room climbs up me frantic his tip of his tail is all bloody, i wrap it call the vet(this is on sat. night) they say keep it clean and then call monday so i did he stayed pretty worked up we thought maybe he had got his tail causght or something..well i woke up early sunday mornin with him suckin on my ear lobe lol perfectly normal. and i moved he jumped down and then he proceeds to totally tear into his tail! shocked i grabbed him and he stopped... never have i seen any cat do this he used to chase his tail back when hes was little but nothin like this ok the vet couldnt see him till tues. she kept him sedated him and gave him pain meds cleaned him up and thought maybe it was nerve damage and that it would probably have to be amputated the whole tail because in her experienc3e they would continue to chew it. the next day though they did touch tests??? to see how bad it was there is no problem he feels the whole tail and moves it normally except of course it hurts.. ok so they gave him pain shot and something like diazapam? to keep him calm. took him home and of course kept a close eye on him he seemed alot more comfortable and calmer of course the vet said if he starts again to call..so for 3 days he does really good,until this past saturday at 830 pm he comes running again dripping blood worse it took 2 hours to get the bleeding to stop but it did and i calmed him down and called the vet again call back monday blah blah me even though its expensive id rather do an emergency visit, ok so i havent slept since 3 am sun mornin and not at all this past night i have held kilo for the 6 hours now and hes slept rather comfortably ..ok now the vet said that if he kept doin it amputation would be our best bet but ive been online all night and some say try meds some say meds may take to long and he will keep injuring it i do know that the diazapam help him for 3 days to me that should be took into concideration ok basically im looking for anyone with experience with this type of injury and the pros and cons of meds verses amputation oh and only thing that has been different in his world was that fing flea collar! and im not sure how i can get past being the one that did this to him but im the least of my worries....ok so anyone ever have this type of thing happen!!!and i have exactly1 hour til the vet opens i need some input on what to do


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Dear One....I don't know who you are, and I have no experience of what your trouble is.....but I just wanted to contact you to let you know that I (Jan) and all my kitties (Colin, Jim, Miss Lillie, Tambolina)are thinking of you....hope somecat else who has experience of this will write to you soon.....



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Its the flea collor, he got a reaction from it, as alot of kitties do. What kind of flea collor was it, hopefully, not Hartz. Its not your fault, money was an issue, we all ben there and you didn't know, we all ben there too, thats how we learn.

For future reference, never, buy an over the counter flea product, especially Hartz, or Hartz anything.

Tell your vet he may possibly have been poisened, by the flea collor, tell him/her, he licked it, and ask them to contact the Poison Control for animals, I will try and find the link.

Also ask him/her, to run a complete CBC blood panel.


Also ask your vet to contact a specialist, that deals with flea products poison. If he/she won't, time to find another vet, or you can call the ER vet and talk to them.

Best of luck, please keep us updated, and don't do any amputations, until you or your vet, has talked to a specialist. If all else fails, ask him/her to contact Dr DePinto, out of Wash DC, its a place to start. She is a specialist, that my vet called, when there was an issue with Bump and the vitamin D toxicity that happened with Blue Buffalo, back in 2009 I believe.

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