Hey Catster it's been a while...

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Purred: Thu Jul 19, '12 9:45am PST 
I believe one of my last posts on here was about Attila pulling out his hair. Well it only got worse, and his whole coat became rather dull, and his behavior was rather foul and anti-social.

WELL THIS ALL CHANGED with an unintentional new addition to the family. I rescued a kitten on 4th of July from a hairy situation, but not with intent of keeping her. It's been a couple weeks and I have to announce that it's official; Raider Shannon is the newest addition to the Savage family. FROM DAY ONE of her presence in my house, Attila has done a 180 and is glowing and happy and social and full of vigor once again. He LOVES the new little girl, and has made it clear that she needs to stay with us.

I've just been so happy and wanted to share that my baby boy has his health back and is doing very well once again!

Raider- Shannon

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Purred: Thu Jul 19, '12 9:50am PST 
Hi Catster! New kitten here. I was wondering a few things as it's been a while since I've had a kitten around...

When should I start vaccinations?

When is the HEALTHIEST time to get her spayed? (Emphasis on HEALTHY. She is indoors and I have heard various things about one or two heat cycles before soaying, or waiting until over a year old, etc... I/m not in a rush for the procedure as she isn't in any hazardous situation)

How young can I start flea treatment?

I'm not 100% on her age but she seemed to be about five weeks when I found her. So seven/eight weeks now.


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That's such a nice story. Good question about the spaying as many different places have different ideas on that one.
Some say 6 months as it can be hard to know when they are in heat other than the pawing of the ground, bum in the air and non-stop meowing. You don't want to get her spayed while she is in heat as that can be dangerous. Since all the blood vessels are all enlarged at this time.
There are some places that say 10 months, some say more, some less there are so many different ideas on that one.

Does your kitty have fleas? Maybe you can check with the vet clinic, don't get any over the counter stuff at the local shop. I would suggest the vet clinic and maybe advantage for small kitties. You don't want to use anything that is too strong or will last too long on the coat. They usually say you can use advantage once the kitty has been weaned, and that is around 5- 6 weeks.
The only thing I would definitely say is....... Do not buy any flea products from anywhere other than a vet clinic. Some have been known to kill even healthy kitty’s. AND also with this day n age where there are so many counterfeits around with all sorts of things. I wouldn’t trust anywhere else when it comes to drugs for my kitty’s.
You are right in watching for fleas, and also you will need worming tablets and vaccinations will start soon.
Maybe a trip to the Vet will be good then you can put a plan in place.
Many purrs to you and good on you for taking in the little fur Raider Shannon

Raider- Shannon

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Purred: Fri Jul 20, '12 1:51pm PST 
Thank you Sam! I recently moved to Long Beach and am still researching and checking out vet clinics, so once I decide on one I'll be bringing her in!


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Glad to hear you're doing better, Attila! way to go


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Purred: Sun Jul 22, '12 9:21am PST 
Happy endings are the best endings! I'm glad to hear everything is turning out well! Momma is too! cheer


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Vaccinations should be started at 12 weeks, but you should take her into the vet even if she isn't that old yet just to establish her there in case of an emergency. Also, the vet can let you know what shots are required by law, and what ones you can leave off -- for example, rabies is required here in Texas. I could get my girls other yearly vaccines, but they are indoor only and past kittenhood, so they aren't likely to pick up these diseases.

Spaying can be done as soon as the cat hits 2 pounds -- a juvenile spay. Cats never need to go into heat. I took Memphis for her spay at 6 months, because she was a late kitten -- she was born in August. She probably wouldn't have gone into her first heat until the following spring due to the temperature drop, so I had time. Kittens born in March can go into heat in September of that same year. I would say get her spayed as soon as you feel comfortable with her health and at the vet's recommendation; again, you can do it as long the baby is 2 pounds.

I think there are special flea treatments for kittens, so again, vet visit would be a source of great advice, even if they do not give her vaccines yet.

Happy to hear about Attila. smile