Little to skinny and throwing up?

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My little baby Eva has always been a small kitty, weighing only about 3lbs and just having a smaller body then my other cats. She is 3 years old.

Recently, I've noticed she has got a little bit Skinner, her spine a little easier to feel. And about 30 minutes ago, she started howling at the wall, which she hardly ever meows.. and then threw up all of the soft food she ate last night and continued to gag around the house for a few minutes.

She eats very well. I feed all the cats grain free salmon by blue buffalo. Shes my little baby and has me worried.

Should I get some hairball remedy, deworm her or schedule a vet visit?

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She needs a vet visit as soon as possible. It is better to go & find out what is going on and be able to treat an issue, than to wait - because sometimes things can get worse. Did she get into something that made her sick? If she is losing weight it could be many things, that is why you need to take her in asap & let us know.


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I would get her to the vet, with being that small, losing weight can cause more problems. keep us updated.


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Start by checking her thyroid. I know she is young, but I've seen thyroid problems in young cats.


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Made an appointment to take all 3 of them in for a check up. And for the one throwing up, I just noticed that shes throwing up a giant hairball with her food, so anyone have a recommendation to aid in that?

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How soon is that vet visit? She may have hair wrapped around her intestines. Weight loss, especially in a little one like that, is very serious! Did you tell the vet when you called about her weight loss and vomiting lots of hair? If not, please call back and tell them!!! This is nothing to take lightly.