FIP Anyone ever had a kitten get sick and die from FIP?

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Purred: Sat Jul 7, '12 1:55pm PST 
Hello everyone,

This is a horrible topic but one thats so important to stay on top of. FIP kills kittens. SOCK FIP is an awesome place to reasearch information on this terrible virus. I do not have anything to do with SOCK FIP over than we lost our baby Burmese kittemn to it. I have dedicated myself to inform others and work any one I can to learn and do the best you can to prevent it. We lost our baby Mingo last week to this, he died within 4 days of any symptoms. All of a sudden he dropped weight, stopped eating and slowed way down. We did everything we could do for him, Blood transfusuions, IV's Surgery and all for not. he was the most loveing smart little boy that never had a chance. He appears it came from the cattery and his parents that we bought him from. Anyone what to chat about this let me know. Keep your eyes on your baby!!

We miss MINGO!! RIP


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Purred: Sat Jul 7, '12 3:08pm PST 
sorry for the loss of your Mingo. I don't know much about FIP except that it is horrible, and there is not much that can be done. Awareness is a key to learning how to fight this disease. Your little one, while his time was short, had love & a home. That is much more than many kitties have. I do know they are starting to do more research on this, and I hope that one day if not a cure, at least managment to save many others. Sorry again for your loss.

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Purred: Sun Jul 8, '12 9:40am PST 
I am so sorry...FIP is horrible and I understand your pain...I lost my fight with FIP on January 19, 2005...I was 4.5 when I left Mom...I had the dry form...I am guessing you had the wet FIP...

There is not a day goes by that Mom does not think of me and remember me with love and pray for a cure...

You and your family are in our thoughts and purrayers...

Norman DB#93- 2001-2013

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Yahoo FIP support group, great member support!
It's facebook counterpart


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Purred: Wed Jul 11, '12 3:42am PST 
Hallo.....It is Jan here....Colin's Meouwmy....I am writing to you using Colin (although I have three other cats as well) because we got Colin after we lost the Little Lionel....

Lionel was a Blue British Shorthair pedigree...he was as blue as a bluebell and as beautiful as a little fragile blue flower....we had never had a pedigree before and we found the breeder through one of the cat magazines....we so looked forward to getting him....and we went to Bristol to see the breeder.....and we chose him....my husband was not happy with the place Lionel came from...he thought it was 'smelly' and there were too many cats and kittens all in together...but we had booked him and, indeed, (no excuse really, I know) at the time we knew no better.....

We brought him home and he was so tiny and so delicately beautiful...and the other cats liked him very much....but he did not play, but mainly just sat on the arm of the sofa and watched....I cannot explain to you just how wonderful he was and how we all, humans and felines, loved him immediately.....

But, I suppose, a large part of his fragile beauty stemmed from his terrible illness....after a week, no more, he was sitting in front of us, playing gently, and, in a shaft of sunlight, we could see that one of the pupils of his eyes went small because of the light (as is normal) but one stayed large....I took him straight to the vets....they did the tests.....and said that it was 99% sure that he had FIP (I can't remember, but I think the dry variety?)and that I either had to send him back to the breeder or have him put to sleep (as he could have infected my other cats (he also had feline pernicious anaemia))....

He was mine and I would not have him put through more trauma so I had him put to sleep, quietly, gently.....

This is hard for me to do, to write this....it was what? 12-13 years ago...but I have never got over the horror....or ever forgiven God (or whoever up there) for putting such a burden on such a tiny, beautiful, innocent creature.....

We got Colin (also a Blue British Shorthair) about six months later (the Vet said that any infectious material would be gone by then and it was safe to get another blue boy)...we got him from Solihull, from a place where they only had one litter of kittens (not lots and lots, like the Bristol breeder, she had a little flesh factory, indeed she did)....

Colin has grown big, strong and beautiful (in a very masculine way...!!)...Have a look at his Home Page....!! But his kittenhood was spoiled for him and for me....I was afraid to touch him and then touch the other cats....and I was continually looking into his eyes to see if one pupil was bigger than the other....and, yes, I freaked out a few times, with him, and with the other cats....'His eye's big, his eye's big..!!' 'No, it's not' my husband would say....

There's a bit more to the story....but I think this is enough for now....Oh, and, have to tell you (something a bit nice).....Colin is actually (according to his pedigree papers) related to the little Lionel....


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Purred: Wed Jul 11, '12 4:02am PST 
Hi...!! It's Jan again....but this time writing through Tambolina (whom she usually writes through and who is also a British Shorthair pedigree, but who went a bit wrong and grew long fur...!!)(have a look at her on her home page....she is lovely)...

Dear everyone with an FIP kitten or not...just everyone who loves cats and KNOWS that things can go so TERRIBLY wrong, through no-one's fault......OR through the fault of breeders trying to make a 'fast buck' on little kittens....too many cats and kittens put together.....

I don't know much about FIP, except that the poor little Lionel was born with it (and the pernicious anaemia).....and he died when he did because of it....was it the breeder's fault? I don't know....as far as I am aware it is an illness that 'mutates' and some kittens get it and some do not....don't know much about the 'pernicious anaemia' that the Lionel also had.....BUT I AM SURE THAT IF BREEDERS ONLY HAVE A COUPLE OF LITTERS OF KITTENS AT A TIME AND KEEP THEM APART AND KEEP THEM VERY CLEAN there is MUCH LESS LIKELIHOOD of illnesses of the kind that poor little Lionel had.....yes? no? maybe?

RADDY (my- heart's- darling)

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Purred: Wed Jul 11, '12 4:18am PST 
Dear Ones.....I (the Great and Amazing Grandad Conrad) usually write on my home page in Facebook....come and have a look (and grab a mousepie on the way in)....it is mainly my page....but it is where Colin and Tambi and Auntie Miss Lillie and Jim also live (and the little Lionel Rees-Mogg would have lived if he could have)....The Meouwmy and I wrote the story of the little Lionel on here, on Catsters, 'Cat Health'....and yes, we love Catsters...Catsters have helped us all through our lives for over four years....but some of our friends do not know Catsters (although we keep advertising it)......so....here....there....here....there....Ahhhh bugger it.....write to me and the Meouwmy from wherever you are if you can......LOVE YOU.....Grandad Joseph Conrad.....xxx

Orange Ruffy

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Many years ago Mommy adopted Sabrina, a lovely slant eyed little oriental kitten. She took her home from the no kill shelter she worked at because Sabrina was diagnosed with FIP and they would have had to put her to sleep.

Mommy wanted Sabrina to have a wonderful life...even if it was a short one. She got some pred for her, and some vitamins and other medicine. She took Sabrinka home. She was just 5 months old. Sabrina lived to be just under 8 months.

But they were loved months.

FIP is a disease that is truly frightening, but there is research being done, and we're all about doing anything we can to fight it.

We are purring for you and Mingo.....

love and light,
Ruffy and the KG cats


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Purred: Wed Jul 11, '12 11:19am PST 
Dear Mingo's Meouwmy.....I wrote the story of the beautiful little Lionel for you....and it hurt me....and I was totally enveloped in my own pain (which has never gone away).......but my pain was 11 - 12 years ago and yours is NOW....

Don't know what to say to you for what is happening for you now........I think Mingo was a pedigree? Like Lionel? It seems to me that this vile illness comes to the little ones who are born into 'flesh factories'.....places with too many cats and kittens all together that are not clean enough......don't know.....

But.....I am SO SORRY for your pain......have a look at Colin's Home Page....he grew and he grew and he is SO BEAUTIFUL.....AND he is related to the little Lionel......perhaps you will get another little one who will grow big and strong? That would be good, of course it would.....as I did with Colin.....

But the hole in the fabric of your life will never be filled.....just covered over....perhaps with something beautiful and colourful.....but you will never get over it....at least I did not and never have....but I look at Colin and I am amazed at how big and beautiful he is....and I see the little Lionel standing behind him and pointing to him and saying: He's here...I'm here....we both love you, Meouwmy.....

Perhaps that will happen for you.......

Jan and Colin (and, perhaps, the little Lionel)

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Purred: Wed Jul 11, '12 8:07pm PST 
We lost our 5 year old last year. He was throwing up, hiding and not eating. Our vet sent us to specialists and they did all kinds of invasive tests and still were never quite sure what it was. They settled in on ibd. Gave him pred. After the pred he got really bad and couldn't walk. We took him to another specialist because his stomach was bloated.

The new specialist said it was FIP and took tests. In the meantime, waiting for results, our cat seemed to be in so much pain that we put him down. Later on, we couldn't get a straight answer from the specialist whether it ended up being FIP.

It was a heart breaking experience and we're not happy we let our cat suffer through all the tests.

Later on I did research and found out that use of pred can cause latent FIP to surface - and once it does there is no use trying to fight it. it is fast.

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