My car is OBSESSED with food. Is this normal?

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My 7 month old kitten goes crazy for food, his own food, my food, anything that sounds remotely like it could be food...he tries to snatch food off my plate, no matter what It is- even peas and carrots! Maybe this is normal but I'm just not used to having a cat that is such a foodie! Is this normal? He gets a pretty good diet of both raw meat, tin (all natural) and dry food but always seems to be starving!!


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I, Monster, was the same way when I was a kitten. You'd think I'd been born feral and didn't know where my next meal was coming from, which was absolutely not the truth. But I didn't know that! I just wanted food, food, food, and constantly snatched things off my mom's plate when she wasn't looking. Mom was constantly squirting me with the water pistol to keep me away from the dinner table, because i would jump right on it.

I grew out of it, or so Mom thought - until last night, when i jumped on the husband's chair and took some spaghetti off his plate when their backs were turned. It's because I'm on a diet, which I think is very unfair, and Mom is very strict about the food portions.

Your kitten is a growing boy and is always hungry. Make sure he doesn't have worms; they absorb the nutrition that he should be getting, which could explain why he's ravenous. If he is worm-free, perhaps he does need a little more food, or to be fed smaller meals several times a day to keep his hunger at bay.


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I've fostered kittens like this. It's possible the kitten didn't have enough food at some point and is trying to make up for it now! I generally feed kittens as much as they can eat. They're growing and active and they need lots of calories. I would suggest that you increase the raw meat or canned food for two reasons: one is that you should never feed raw and dry within 12 hours of each other. Raw food moves through their systems quickly while dry takes longer to digest. You don't want raw food backing up behind dry so that bacteria can build. Second, dry food is very high in carbohydrates. In addition to being unhealthy, carbs are not as filling. A high quality protein will fill the kitten up more and hopefully you won't have to feed every 5 minutes!


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I have been having this issue with Tia. It just started recently...she gets fed daily yet is trying to eat everything. No worms, she's very healthy but wants to eat anything and everything.


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What dry food, do you feed?