Eating or Licking Soap

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Purred: Sun Aug 28, '05 7:23pm PST 
My mom caught me licking the soap in the bathroom a couple of times and got mad at me. I didn't get sick, but maybe that's because she caught me right away. Now she removed the soap to somewhere I can't get at... Sounds like eating soap is bad for me.

Anyways, have you been caught eating soap? Did you get sick? What does it mean when we kitties eat or lick soap?

In my case, I thought it was some kind of food.

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Purred: Sun Aug 28, '05 9:59pm PST 
I think that soap tasting yummy is probably because most of the common brands of bar soap are made out of beef fat. It does have lots of other chemicals, though, so it's probably not too healthy. Our mommy decided to replace all the bar soap in our house with pumps of liquid soap, so we don't get that treat anymore. :-(