Diabetes glucose monitor

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Purred: Tue May 8, '12 6:52pm PST 
I recently lost my job and I am taking care of two cats...one with diabetes.....does anyone know where I might get a glucose monitor at no cost so that I can monitor my cat? Thank you so much!

Gumpy Sweet- Boy

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Purred: Wed May 9, '12 7:21am PST 
Hi, the feline diabetes message board (FDMB) which part of felinediabetes.com, has free starter kits that they give away. Here is a link for more information about that: free hometesting kits.

You can also get a meter for about $10 at Walmart called the Relion. The Relion test strips are also reasonably priced. Once you get the meter, the test strips is where you end up spending money. I also found a really good meter at Kroger (grocery store) in the pharmacy that was really well priced. These store brand meters are made by good companies. I found the Kroger brand was very good and I liked it better than the Walmart Relion.

I hope you can find a meter so you can test your kitty; it really helps with keeping diabetes regulated.

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Yes, check out the link Gumpy posted way to go

You may also get some help getting started with managing your diabetic cat from Diabetic Cats In Need.

I hope you will join the FelineDiabetes.com board smile You'll get a lot of help from members there way to go

Austin- Valentino- loving- memory

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I know it is super past due...but thank you to the couple of kitties who helped me out. Love Austin