Our Bentley had a FHO Femoral Head Ostectomy surgery

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Hi my name is Baerbel and I just joined caster to maybe be of help to other cat owners facing a FHO Femoral Head Ostectomy with their cat. I started a Blog to share the experience of Bentley's surgery and recovery.


I am glad to have found this forum!

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Wow I don't think we've seen anyone that has a kitty with that condition before. Thank you for sharing your experience and helping others! big grin


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Glad to help


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Welcome to Catsterwelcome. It is wonderful for you to want to help other kitties. That is what Catster is all about! purrs

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It was so nice to have this blog to read while my cat was going through surgery.

I started my own blog, moFHOsurgery.blogspot.ca. My cat is now day 7 post surgery!

For anyone else interested, you can follow our journey to recovery, I try to post every day!