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Kitten losing his whiskers

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Purred: Sun Nov 20, '11 2:02pm PST 
Hi I'm new here, I've had my 8 month old kitten for 2 months now and he has lovely long whiskers but the past couple of days I've noticed that he is losing the long whiskers above one of his eyes, it's looks weird he has long ones above one eye but just short ones above the other eye, the long ones have fallen out, there were 3 of them, is this normal? and will they grow back? I'm a bit concerned. He is a healthy energetic cat with a good appetite, thanks


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Purred: Sun Nov 20, '11 4:34pm PST 
I have found many a random whisker in my bed, but I've also witnessed my cats accidentally pull their own out while playing. Yes, they do grow back -- they look funny for a little, though. Kittens do tend to maim themselves a little. Keep an eye on him and his weight and make sure he doesn't start losing fur. If nothing else happens, just chalk this up to de-whiskerization by misadventure.

Tink the Cat

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Purred: Sun Nov 20, '11 8:19pm PST 
I totally agree with that. Most cats are left-pawed, it could be that he is washing his face a little too hard on his dominant side. He'll learn to lighten up in time.
Kittens do have many whisker mishaps. They'll grow back and it will be fine. kitty


Diva! I like- getting what I- want,always!
Purred: Sun Nov 20, '11 11:09pm PST 
thanks,,, I've never heard of a cats dominant side before but it so happens that his missing whiskers are on the left side of his face. Apart from the missing whiskers he is a healthy cat with a beautiful shiny coat.

Mac's Cat

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Purred: Wed Nov 23, '11 9:00pm PST 
That happened to me also. But You should have seen me when I shed out my Winter fur for warmer weather. I looked very different until my pattern all came back it. All is good and you should not be lopsided for long. Meowma keeps all of the wiskeres she finds in a glass olive bottle.