How does indoor cat get flea cause i think my cat has one...

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Purred: Sat Jul 16, '11 5:50am PST 
My mommy was brushing me with a flea comb and she found a little brownish bug around my butt. She really freaked out and creamed. She immediately bathed me and brushed all over me. Luckily she could not find anything anymore. She also kept herself busy cleaning the whole apartment up and throw away some stuff including my scratching board too. This is all too stressful...

the strange thing is I am an indoor cat, so is my buddy Smee. How did I get the flea? I do not know. Could it be that it was not a flea then? Mommy searched online and thought it looked like a flea though. What makes me doubt is that mommy did not notice those black specks or dirt (flea poops) at all in anywhere in my body. Does that mean that it's earlier stage in the infestation? I do not like those little bugs on me!

Mommy spoke to my vet. She said it's too early to use the frontline treatment and does not recommend to use the spray in the apartment either. She told mommy to just monitor for now since she did not find anymore flea signs.

Anyone has any experience with this? Feels like the cat flea is the human version of bed bug situation. Help!


Princess Forever
Purred: Sat Jul 16, '11 6:44am PST 
Both of my cats are indoor cats and I haven't had a problem in twenty years of indoor cats. My daughter has a dog who she says has been treated with Frontline for fleas. I don't want to question her when she treated but for some reason. My poor Alex developed a problem with fleas. Natasha had none and she lives away from Alex in my bedroom. After battling for two weeks with fleas, I gave her the treatment too- just in case. She is a senior, sixteen years so I was a bit nerouvs. I used Frontline II because the other one didn't kill the egss which were hatching as quickly as possible on Alex. You don't see the fleas unti they hatch and then, watch out. I also bought Fleabusters from Amazon and treated all of my rugs. I also use salt and baking soda in other places. You want to take off the wax substance on the fleas and then it dies. I place some Fleabusters under the cushions of my sofas. I went to every room and treated it while Alex was in the bathroom. I brushed the Fleabusters into the carpet. All of the blankets have been washed as well as everything else. It can be overwhelming but I am not sure of using the cans of insecticide in my home and Fleabusters was recommended. You still have to be careful. Today was Alex's third day of no fleas in his fur. I will be more relaxed when I see two weeks without fleas. When you see a couple, there may be more. As for my daughter and her dog, I will prepare the couch better when her dog comes. It is the first place that the dog jumps up on. It will be treated with flea busters again before their visit. Fleas may come in but they don't live here anymore.....Hope that answers your question....Fleas come in with other animals or on yourself...


Mr. Floppycat
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It's possible to get fleas even though you don't go outside. I remember when I was a kitten, I got fleas from our dog because he went outside and got them. We both got flea treatments and they cleared up in a few weeks with lots of grooming from mama. We live in the woods so it's very easy for us to get infested, especially since I sneak out now that I'm older!

Maybe a flea came in on your mama and jumped on you? If it was only one flea there probably isn't a lot to worry about. Just keep an eye out for more. And do start Frontline or another flea and tick treatment when you get older, just in case! Fleas are no fun and ticks can make you super sick.

In short: Keep your eyes open for more fleas, but try to relax. No need to get worked up just yet. If you find more, talk to your vet again. smile


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My mommy brushes me everyday and she said I am cleared of the flea for now. Yay! But, I need to watch out. I still have no idea how i got the little bug, but like you guys said, it's possible i got it from my mommy or daddy. They are not sure. Mommy said I and my buddy Smee will be taking bath at least once every two weeks to make sure there is no egg growing on me. I will watch out for it since it is no fun! Thanks guys!


Purred: Thu Jul 21, '11 6:10pm PST 
i'm an indoor cat and my fur mommy recently moved into a brand new renovated apartment (all new flooring, newly painted etc). within a month or so of the move my mommy noticed that i was losing fur around my tail and also noticed that my hind legs were raw. she wasn't sure what the culprit was until one day she found ONE flea...no flea dirt or anything else just one little flea on my paw. she had to go to the vet and get revolution for me and my little sis to use, and then she also had to go get meds for tape worm because the fleas gave us that too. she never had a problem in all the other apartments she lived in so she thinks that the fleas were in the building already. some flea treatments will still allow a flea to be carried on the animal too.