Scaby type sores all over her top body

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Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice on my cat having this horrible looking sores all over her top part of her body. It started as small sores around her tail, I took her to the VET, only to be told she's allergic to fleas, my cat has no fleas, maybe the occasional odd one or two.
She was put on 'Capstar' to take, but I'm thinking does this mean she has to take this for the rest of her life? this is ridicluous.
I'm sure it must be something else.

From being such a loving & happy cat to being aggressive & angry at most times now, it's tearing me apart as I feel for her, it might be that it's painful.

The sores have now spread all over her tail/back/shoulders.

Any suggestions of what it could be? cry


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Sorry forgot to mention as well, she has been extrememly well being cat litter box trained or goes outside, the cat little is clean every day, no probs there, but this past 2 weeks, Teesha wees & poos on the floor, all over the house so I don't know what is going on with her, please help.


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What do you feed?

Any plants, flowers, Christmas tree in the house?

Do you clean with pine based products, like Pine Sol?

Do you give her people food?

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Teesha, those are the kinds of sores I had before my allergies were diagnosed. I can't say for sure that's what it is, but I would follow the vet's recommendations for now. The only way to diagnose allergies is to eliminate everything else. Many cats are very allergic to fleas - even if it's one or two. They leave behind the flea dirt that can cause the allergic reaction. The change in litterbox behavior worries me though. That usually means there's something else going on. Did she have a full check up when she went to the vet? How recently was that?


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You MUST go to the vet, if for no other reason for the bathroom issues. Get the scabs looked at too, but right now, I hate to say it...Meowma noticed tail and backbone getting scabby about 2 weeks ago; a good bath with baby shampoo cleared it up mostly. Now she says i'm getting washed every month since I'm apparently too fat or my arthritis hurts too much for me to clean those areas. I hate to admit that I felt like a new kitty once I finally got dry. I am tons happier without that itchy flaking stuff on me.