Can't Poop and now throwing up...

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I am very worry about my baby...It started about 2 hours ago. He went to go to the cat box to poop and nothing happened. Kept going back every 15 minutes or so, now he is throwing up what looks likes mucus. I can't get him to drink any water...When this started I did give him some Laxatone. Poor baby, I can see he is in pain, it hurts me to my heart...frown


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If it's still going on this morning a vet visit is in order. It could be something simple, but there's only one way to know. Good luck!


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hook my be blocked, check is bottom, make sure it is clean, nothing blocking him. if, nothing is blocking him, get him to a vet asap, because, he will continue to keep throwing up and only get worse.


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Please get him to the vet ASAP! Constipation can sometimes go hand in hand with being blocked (can't pee), where he's throwing up that's not a good sign.


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Thanks everyone...I finally had to take Hook to the Emergency Animal Hospital at 4am. He started to bleed blood from his bottom my poor baby was crying so bad. It broke my heart. The vet was able to work with him and got out very LARGE, HARD piece of poop. There was no way he would had been able to pass that on his own. We all all came home and went to bed. He is now by his favorite window, looking out and happy. So am I!!! Thanks for the advice and bless all-night vets! applause


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So happy it was something they could take care of. Do they have an idea as to why that happened and if it could occur again? I ask so that we all have more knowledge. I bet he is feeling so much better! cheer

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Hook: The same exact thing happened to me last week, and my meowmy had to bring me to the all night emergency hospital. It was scary to not be able to poop, and it really hurt.
hope you are feeling better now~

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This is Delyte. I am so glad that is what it was! I had the same symptoms 5 years ago and it was a major tumor in my intestines. They thought it was cancer and wanted to send me to the Bridge, but my person asked them to take it out and stitch me up. It wasn't cancer and I am still here, knock wood.

There are lots of kinds of stool softeners for kitties available, plus changing food etc. Some of the dry cat food can cause constipation.

Purrs that you are feeling so much better! What a scare for your person!


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I'm glad you are all better, Hook! And good for your meowmy warching you carefully. Meowma has to monitor my poopie activity because I got so stopped up I had to be treated under anesthesia one time to get it all! Now I take a daily medicine (and DON'T be tempted to feed more fiber!) but when I do occasionally have trouble, Meowma gets her sister to come over and they give me a small enema, meant for baby humans. It works very well, but the first time they did it Meowma was shocked to see the size of--well, you know. Your meowmy should stay alert to your potty habits, because once you've been that constipated it can become chronic (in my case, as I've aged my intestines just don't move things along fast enough without a little help)


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Thanks so much to everyone for your wonderful replies and support. Hook rested all day today then went to the potty with no problem (yeah). The vet suggest I give him Laxatone three times a week in the morning, very small amount, to see if that helps before trying anything else. Hook does love his ice water and I keep it going as much as I can all day. Thanks again for being here. Love to all of you, kissing