Anemia in older cat

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All, I'm looking for some help. My male/neutered tabby DSH got sick a couple of weeks ago and was diagnosed as anemic, with a very low red blood cell count. He was put on steroids and an antibiotic, but tests for blood parasites, Feline Leukemia and FIV are all negative. He was re-tested and his blood cell count was about the same, so he is producing some but not nearly enough to replenish those he has lost.
Does anyone have suggestions on the cause of this? My vet is stumped and has said we could go to a specialist, but I don't know what the best course of action is. Someone suggested absorption issues. Does anyone know anything about that?
Thanks so much for any help you can give.


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I don't know too much about anemia in kitties, but I do know that when my Mom had this, she had to bump up her iron with pills, and also eat higher iron foods. I am not sure if giving him some liver wet food would help as liver is high in iron. So is spinach, but I am sure he won't eat a salad mol! I hope others that have dealt with this have some answers. Feel better Soon!

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I was anaemic as a side effect of chronic kidney disease. I took Iron supplements (Twinlabs Iron caplets one per day) for a while and when my anaemia got bad I got epogen shots every week (epogen s a hormone normally produced by your kidneys that makes your bone marrow produce red blood cells).

If your vet doesn't know the cause I'd take his suggestion of consulting with a specialist to figure out what the root cause is. A vet with an internal medicine qualifiation may be able to help diagnose what the issue is and recommend treatments.