Chin Acne

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Lily ( help- I'm missing- )

Sweet Girl
Purred: Fri Apr 9, '10 11:26am PST 
Cats can get the acne from stress as well, has kitty been under anystress?? Lily got acne on her chin when we brought her home, I washed the area and put on bactroban ointment from the drug store, probably took 2 months to finally clear up. Sounds like your on the right track, I'm sure I'll clear up soon!


True- Puurrrrfection
Purred: Fri Apr 9, '10 12:35pm PST 
My cat Sassy recently had some chin acne. I was told by the vet to stop using any kind of plastic or ceramic bowls (I was using ceramic) and use stainless steel so I switched to stainless steel and used the ointment that was prescribed and she cleared up totally. I would try switching her food/water bowls to stainless steel. Good luck!


Where are the- bugs at??!
Purred: Mon Apr 12, '10 3:27pm PST 
My cat Leo also got chin acne. His case wouldnt respond to antibiotics or cleaning. My vet had to put him under aneasthetic twice where he would take dry ice and freeze the infected bits of skin. It was really painfull, but it worked. The extreme temprature killed the infection & bacteria. The second treatment was really only a precaution to make sure they had gotten all of the infection.


Purred: Thu Apr 15, '10 12:04pm PST 
I got this when I was younger, but I guess it wasn't too bad -- just 3 or 4 bumps on my chin at a time. My vet told mommy to just keep it clean and to change my bowl to a larger one that I could get into neater. She does remember something about china as well, versus plastic, but just went with the larger bowl instead. Just like human teenagers, I seem to have grown out of it. I'm the only one in our family that ever got it.


Furry Girl
Purred: Sat Apr 17, '10 5:36pm PST 
Mom recently noticed several small black spots on my chin. I'm going to the vet on Tuesday to find out if it's chin acne or something else. The vet tech diagnosed chin acne over the phone and said it's probably nothing to worry about, but Mom thought it would be best for the vet to see me. So, what exactly does chin acne look like? Can the spots be all black?

Sassy- (2001-2012)

Gorgeous- Armageddon
Purred: Sat Apr 17, '10 10:53pm PST 
HappiCat, you can get nice cheap glass bowls and plates ate DollarTree and Walmart


little stinker
Purred: Sun Apr 18, '10 12:20am PST 
yes vanessa, they can be black. you sound like you have kitty acne. we got some cream from the vet, if your interested, or any other kitty lets us know, we will dig it out.

Beatrice- (Miss You!- '94-'12)

The very Beast- of all

Purred: Sun Apr 18, '10 2:37am PST 
There are some ceramic glazes which can harbor bacteria the same way that plastic does. Stainless steel might be better, though metals can trigger reactions in anykitty with a sensitivity.

My brother, Arthur, had problems with severe chin acne until our mom finally switched us to glass dishes. The good news is that glass bowls/plates can be relatively inexpensive!
way to go

Wishing you luck, Mason! Keep us posted!


Purred: Sun Apr 18, '10 5:35pm PST 
What about using Corell from Corning Ware?


Stella- Felinis--Queen- of All Kitties!
Purred: Mon Apr 19, '10 9:12pm PST 
It's Stella. I have developed chin acne, even though our person was feeding us from glass plates or disposable paper ones. But now we have a new problem--ants! Our person can keep the ants out of our food dishes by setting them in a pie pan full of water, but she had to switch to bowls. She was using those pyrex glass dishes. It could also be stress but it's my own fault because I am always starting fights with the other cats, especially Queenie, because we both want to be top cat. [The guy cats don't really care who is top cat--Delyte thinks he is the top cat and Fluff is scared of his own tail.]

Our person will try to clean the area and get the ointments. She says it spoils my beauty and shows up a lot because I have a white chin.

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