Kitty E-coli

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Hi- my cat Tabitha (who currently lives with my parents since my landlord won't allow pets frown) recently contracted e-coli. We asked the vet how this could have happened and if we should throw out her food and do a heavy cleaning but the vet did not seem too worried.

Tabby pretty much stays in my room at home (she's 17 now) and has her very own litter box, food bowl and water bowl. We have two other cats that are 4 years old and we don't want them to contract this and I also don't want my parents to get sick while Tabby's being treated.

The vet just said to give her some antibiotics and she'll be fine, but e-coli is something that us humans usually take more seriously so I was wondering if any of you had ever come across this?


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What is she fed?

Can I ask what her symptoms were?

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Hi Tabitha wave

Two years ago I was diagnosed with e-coli even though I had no symptoms and wasn't sick. Mommy was worried and asked our vet the exact same questions your mommy asked her vet. She asked if it was from my litterbox or eating raw food or licking my sister Mittens' rear end (something we cats love to do that humans find gross!) He said he didn't know and really couldn't tell her how or where I'd gotten the e-coli. He didn't seem worried about it at all. My guess is cats don't get sick from e-coli like humans do. I took the antibiotic Clavamox for 2 weeks and that was it!

None of the humans in my family got sick or got e-coli. If you're concerned, you could take extra precautions when scooping/cleaning the litterbox by wearing rubber gloves. Keep the food dishes & water bowl & bedding very clean. That's what my mommy did and still does.


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E-coli is the most common bacteria found in UTI's. Not sure if yours is intestianal or in the bladder as you do not specify. It is treated with antibiotics and typically rechecked after a 7-14 day course. Nothing to worry about unless you don't treat it.

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Was it a bladder infection? I'm not certain of this, but I don't think e-coli infections are unusual, especially for older cats who often tend to get a lot of bladder infections anyway, especially if their kidneys are not functioning as well as they once did to flush out the bad stuff. I think older cats can't fight off the nasty bacteria that are always around. If they have dilute urine, that can become a breeding ground for infection.

Vets don't always do cultures to find out exactly which bacteria is causing a bladder infection -- they may treat it with a broad-spectrum anti-biotic and that usually works just fine (cultures are rather expensive). But I think on older cats or on cats with recurrent bladder infections, they will do a culture so they can identify the exact bacteria and use a drug specifically for that type of bacteria.

I had bladder infection caused by e-coli. One thing the vet said was that it was good that it was e-coli because there are so many anti-biotics to treat it. I was on anti-biotics for 6 weeks to make sure it didn't get into my kidneys, since I already had kidney problems and kidney stones.

EDIT TO ADD I didn't scroll far enough down the page to see Hunter's reply when I made mine. red face I defer to Hunter's advice and knowledge!

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hehe Scooter, you are so funny. You are a smart kitty too!!!


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Thank you all for the great replies- it definitely makes me feel better!

Tabitha has a UTI- so knowing that other kitties have e-coli with UTI's, even though it stinks, is a bit relieving! The funny thing is, she didn't really have any symptoms. She was just crying a bit more whenever I got home but that usually stopped. When we took her to the vet it was for her yearly exam, not because we thought something was wrong, so I'm glad we take good care of her health!

To be honest I am not sure what brand of food Tabitha eats because my parents buy it- but her brothers sure love it too. She's been eating the same food for a while now. I'm at work now so I can't check.

Tabitha is 17 so I'm always worried about keeping her as healthy as possible... but I'm glad to have a great community to come to with these issues. applause