Capstar Flea Preventative.

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I was wondering how well it worked?
I was wondering if its a safe product?
Would you recommend it?

I have 3 cats and will be taking in another cat that is a stray.
One of my cats has Ear mites and so does this stray.

I was going to buy Revolution for my cats sine the two have Ear mites
and it also protects against roundworm and hookworm.
Which was be good for the Stray cat.

Capstar is cheaper, but I liked the idea of something so simple
and not having to put some oil-based drops on my cats fur.

So what would you recommend?

Additional Details:
My cats have fleas from coming in contact with the stray, but once the stray is treated he will be permanetly in doors with my other 3 cats.


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Capstar works great if you use it while you are treating the home environment. We had a bad infestation from being at my mom's house because her dog went in and out. Bad case of fleas and tapeworm. It is best to vacuum and use a flea bomb first. Then use the Capstar while you and your kitties are out of the house. I do it 30 minutes before going back to the house. It is a process but it only works for 24 hours and it will be useless if you don't treat the environment. I learned the hard way and the fleas came back even worse. I would hate for you do have to do the hard work over again like I did. The vet also recommended giving her a bath to get the dead fleas off. It works great but doesn't last long. Jake is on Revolution and Daphne is on Advantage because she hasn't been to the vet since Jan to get the prescription. I use it every month now after the bad infestation and they are indoor cats. When Daphne had it bad, they gave her Frontline to use just for a month because she was indoor. It definitely didn't work for her. The Advantage works better for her. Good choice on Revolution...it works great. Oh yeah, I also bought a pill gun to give Daphne the Capstar and tapeworm meds. It is wonderful!

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Capstar is a good product. I have used it on foster kittens. Something to keep in mind though is that it only kills adult fleas. I used to give Capstar in conjunction with a bath and good flea combing, to try and ensure I got all the eggs.

As far as I understand, Capstar doesn't work on ear mites. I found that Advocate worked the best on kittens I had with ear mites. It has the added bonus of working on fleas, flea larvae, hookworm, roundworm, heartworm and ear mites.

Good luck getting rid of the little pests, and concatulations on adding another member to your familysmile


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When my mommy treated our house she used a powder that was like flea busters. You lay it on the carpet, brush it in with a broom, leave it for a day then vacuum. You need to keep your cats off the carpet till you brush it in, but I guarantee it works. Petsmart sells a few different brands, but I haven't used those. The one I used was the Fleabusters. You get a lot, so it will last a looong time.
Here's the website: http://www.fleabusters.com/Products/Rx_Plus/index.html

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Capstar is not a flea preventive. As Suey rightfully points out, it only kills adult fleas. It enters the bloodstream to poison the fleas that are already on a cat and biting it. It will do nothing for eggs or pupa fleas, which means that without doing anything else, you will soon be right back to where you started. It can be given to jump start an effort to get rid of fleas, but it won't prevent re-infection.

When a vet prescribes it, it is usually given to cut down on the number of fleas in order to prevent flea-related anemia (which can happen when a cat is infested with fleas). You may chose to give Capstar to your cats, but you will have to treat the environment in conjunction with it, and it will still be tough going. Your cats may get re-infested very easily, as it only works for about 24 hours or so. Capstar will do nothing for ticks, ear mites and most parasites that a preventive covers for.

Now Revolution, Frontline and Advantage are flea preventives. They basically change the chemical signature of a pet's skin to make it more unpleasant to fleas (this is why they are given topically). You still have to treat the environment to get rid of the fleas, but you have a little bit more leeway, as it will take between 24-28 days for something like Revolution to wear off. Revolution will also provide some worm prevention and ear-mite protection. The other two also do well as worm preventives, but don't cover ear mites. They do give pets tick protection, which Revolution does not (in case you were wondering).

Hope that helps you make an informed choice.