Throat cancer and breathing problems

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Kocka - In loving- memory

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Purred: Thu Jul 30, '09 10:26am PST 

My name's Kocka and a while back I started getting sick. After a lot of trips to the vets we were told that the growths I have in my mouth are some sort of round cell tumors.

Those were removed (but they came back again) but even when they weren't there I still had problems and my breathing was worse. The vet thinks there is more stuff down my throat, probably some sort of throat cancer and together with my Mama they think it may be something like this: http://www.petplace.com/cats/chondrosarcoma-tumor-of-the-larynx-and- trachea-in-cats/page1.aspx

At my local vet they can't do endoscopies so they can't be sure. To do an endoscopy my Mama would have to take me quite far and it would be awfully expensive. If it was to treat me she would do it immediatly but our vet says there is no point in it as the only thing that this would tell us would be what I exactly have but she is quite sure that it won't be treatable. I'm also quite weak.

Now, my Mama is wondering if there is really nothing she can or if there is any solutions that can help me to at least breathe better if not heal me.

Does anyone around here have any experience with this kind of thing?

Thank you so much!

Miss Mittens- - Angel DG #14

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I am so sorry about your cancer and will be purring for you.

Mittens had an endoscopy done, along with an ultrasound, and was diagnosed with intestinal cancer. In the endoscopy procedure, a small tube is placed down the throat during general anesthesia. A small camera is attached to the end of the tube and the vet can look inside of you and see what your esophagus and intestines look like and take tissue samples for biopsy. It's a less invasive procedure than a surgical biopsy (but can't be used for everything -- sometimes a full surgical biopsy is necessary). I've never heard of any tumors being removed during a scope (but I could be wrong!) An endoscopy is very expensive and based on what you wrote above, if you were my cat I wouldn't put you through it.

This web page has links to sites that describe almost every type of feline cancer and treatment options and you may find it helpful:
Click here for Feline Cancer Overview and Resources

A wonderful support group you may want to join is the Yahoo Feline Cancer group. There may be ways to make you comfortable. I recommend the Yahoo group and they will probably be able to answer your questions:
Click here for Yahoo Feline Cancer group

I'll be purring for you Kocka!


Jester- (1988-2007)

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Jester had a fast growing thyroid cancer that made it hard for her to eat. There wasn't any treatment for it but one thing we were able to do was use a powerful anti inflamatory that shrunk the tumour and gave her an extra couple of weeks. We didn't do an endoscopy but on Jester th elump was near the surface and obvious what was causing the issue. We did do an xray early on before we realised what was going on and you could see the oesophagus getting squeezed by the tumour.

You could ask the vet if you could use something similar with anti inflamatory meds to make it easier to breath. Also make sure that you have identified your vet/an emergency vet in case things suddenly get bad with your breathing and you need to be helped to the bridge