our 6 month old kitten is pregnant

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We just took in Roxy, a 6 month old stray. Our neighbors next door had to move and they left her behind so we decided to bring her into our family. Lo and behold we took her to the vet and found out she is pregnant, and she is only about 6 months old.

We have never had previous experience with a pregnant cat. Just wanted to know what to expect and if Roxy will be ok having a litter if she is so young herself.


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She shouldn't have the litter. You should ask the vet if you can get the pregnancy terminated for her own health. The kittens wouldn't have a very good quality of life either since the mother is so young and isn't even done developing herself.


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I'm not a big fan of abortion, but with a 6 month old kitten, it would be necessary. She's too young, too small, and still developing. A long time ago, my grandparents took in a 6 month old kitten that was pregnant. She delivered the babies, but they all died. The momma hung on for a few months, but ended up passing away as well; due to complications. Definately go back to your vet and ask for help. Good luck, and God bless.


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We fix all of our rescued stray kitties when they're pregnant, even 3 days prior to the expected due date. We don't enjoy having to spay pregnant kitties, but here are just too many kittens and cats needing homes, and for every new cat that comes along, another is left to die in a shelter or fend for itself on the streets-- without a home.

Its not easy caring for and finding homes for all these kittens either, especially if you're looking for committed forever homes.

Also, young kittens like yours having babies usually have complications. Spaying her early is safest for her and her well being. The former Moms don't remember a thing, and recover quickly.

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I was also pregnant at 6 months. Ask the vet if the pregnancy is still early enough to terminate during her spay operation.

If they think she's too far along she should be OK but she'll need more prenatal/postnatal care than an adult cat. It's the equivalent of a 12-13 year old girl having a baby and the vet will want to check how many kittens there are, how big they are and based on her size whether she'll have issues giving birth. She'll need more monitoring during the birth to make sure she's OK and she's more likely to need help during the birth and maybe even a cesarian. If you can find someone at a local cat rescue who's experienced in cat births see if they'll agree to help you know what to expect watch out for and come over if you have any concerns.

Roxy looks like she's in good shape from her photo and hasn't been starved but start trying to fatten her up as she'll be burning a lot of energy and she'll need even more calories as the pregnancy progresses and she starts suckling the kittens. Giver her as much kitten food as she'll eat, mix in Nutrical or similar with wet kitten food and also get some KMR (kitten milk replacement) for her to drink. All that should give her plenty of calories. The KMR may come in useful for the kittens as she's more likely to ignore them since she's so young and you may need to hand feed them. Cats are generally great mum's but its good to be prepared.

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Thank you to everyone for posting comments!! They are greatly appreciated.

Our vet seemed pretty optimistic about Roxy having her litter. We have been feeding her soft food and hard food and she has been drinking a least a bowl of water a day. Overall, our vet said she was very healthy.

We are going to stay positive about this situation and do our best to take care of Roxy!


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We hope all works out well. Thank you for taking this baby in and saving her.


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My last pregnant foster was 5-6 months old. She was dumped and then gave birth same day. The 5 babies were born alive, but one passed away at 1 day old, and two had to be euthanised at 4 weeks due to serious internal deformities. The vet believed that even with massive intervention, they had a slim chance of survival so we chose to end the pain.

It was the vet's opinion that the three kittens were in bad shape due to Stella's age and size. She was also malnourished during her pregnancy. It seems like her body made the decision just to support what it was capable of.

I'm saying this just so you're prepared that there might be hard times ahead. I wasn't prepared for it- I pretty much thought that once they were born safely, things would be ok.

The two suviving kittens, Ellie and Angus, have thrived and are gorgeous healthy little things. Stella has just found her Forever Home. We wish you and your pregnant mamma lots of luck and healthsmile