Nail polish smell?

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I had a question from a friend, for which I had no answer, so I'm coming herebig grin. Here is her email, pretty much in it's entirety, personal info blanked out:

i know you have had cats for some time and had a couple questions. Anyway i feed the strays in my neighborhood and they normaly hang out in my boat house. i was giving frontline treatments now that warmer weather is here and i noticed one of them smelled like nail polish remover. i was wondering if you thought i should take him/her into the vet. ***** said he read somewhere thats a sign of sickness? I don't want to stress em out trying to catch him and take him to the vet if its not a concern. So figured i would ask what u thought. The catch and release for front line is traumatic enough i don't want to over do it you know?


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Breath that smells like nail polish remover (acetone) is a symptom of diabetes.

Here is a pretty good article:
Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) in Cats
(It will ask you to register, but you don't have to. Just close the window.)


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Thank you so much! I'll direct her to the site, and she can see to kittybig grin

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wow Ben, I never knew that. Thank you for this information.

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That was a good call!!!! Especially when you have a mom like ours. We have an electric toothbrush that mom gently brushes our teeth with water only. It is a little toothbrush. I still smell like Pizza, tho. If mom were to smell like tuna on me she would be concerned. It is funny how everyday smells can mean danger to a kitty. Thanks for the info!!!