Question about drooling after having 7 teeth pulled?

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Any kitty had canine teeth removed? I have a question about drooling and tongue sticking out. I had 7 teeth extracted last Monday (3 on each side on top & one canine tooth in front). My mommy had to take me back to the vet Wednesday afternoon because I still wasn't wanting to eat anything. I started eating again Wed night (after vet gave a shot to reduce swelling of my gums). My mommy asked the vet if it's normal for cats to have their tongue stick out more after canine teeth are removed (because my brother Big-un did that when he lost 3 of his canines). He said no--that he DOES see it in dogs but not really in cats, however my tongue is sticking out all the time now (never did before tooth removal) and I drool a lot on the side of the missing canine. Is this "normal" and will I be like this forever or is it still early in my recovery (since it's only been over a week) & it might go away? Any response appreciated kitty

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I had 3 canines removed a couple of years ago, plus some other teeth and I dribble too. Sometimes my tongue pokes out a little, but not all the time - just when I forget that there's no tooth there to keep my tongue in place! I think as long as the drool is clear saliva, then it's OK.
When you get used to your newly arranged mouth, you'll start getting your tongue back under control at least some of the time.big grin


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I'm a 6-year-old cat that had a tooth extracted and six months later I'm still drooling. I checked out OK a week and a month after the surgery, but now I am still uncomfortable, so soon I will go back in to the vet and be checked again.


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My brother had 2 bottom canines pulled and a retained root from a broken tooth pulled last month. He drooled for a while, but now he is back to normal. It might take a while to heal with that many teeth pulled, but it should get better.


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cesar has had a few teeth pulled on each side, no canines. he still drools a little on occasion, nothing to be really worried about. as long as you are starting to eat, thats would be the big thing to worry about. keep us updated.