i highly recommend Interferon for FIV+ cats!

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my cat mikey is now 18 yrs old and was diagnosed with FIV when he was about 5 or 6. i thought it would be death sentence and expected my time with him to be limited. instead, he has had nine lives. he's been through infections, bad teeth, gingivitis, even a leg broken in 4 places (back when he was an indoor-outdoor cat before we knew he had FIV). i have been very vigilant over the years about any issue with his health. now that he's this old he also has early chronic kidney failure and hyperthyroidism. but he's STILL going strong, still Top Cat of the household, and i attribute much of this to use of Interferon and immediate response with antibiotics to any infection. he has done wonderfully on Interferon since we began treatment a couple years ago. i don't think he got to be 18 yrs old and going strong based on luck alone. i don't care what they might say about the jury being out on Interferon - i can vouch for how well it has worked for mikey. if you have an FIV+ cat i would strongly encourage you to talk to your vet about trying Interferon. It's just a daily squirt on the gums and that's it. mikey is living proof that an FIV+ cat CAN live a LONG and happy life.


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We are so happy to hear how well Mikey is doing. It's obvious how much you love him, and we think that will have had a major effect.

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My cat Nemo is FIV , too. We adopted him from the SPCA almost 3 years go. We found out that he was FIV a month after we adopted him. He was (probably) in the very early stage of FIV then. I found out about Interferon on the internet and talked to Nemo’s vet about it. We decided to postpone the Interferon treatment because Nemo appeared to be quite healthy. We believe his FIV virus was in dormant and we plan to keep it that way for as long as possible. In the past 3 years, we’ve been focusing on boosting his immune system by giving him supplements recommended by his homeopath: NuCat Senior, Feline Immune System Support, and probiotic. We also make sure that we provide him with the most nutritious foods (in our opinion—raw food). He is now healthier and stronger than ever! We continue to have regular checkups with the traditional vet and homeopath every 3-6 months. They both say that he’s in excellent shape and he’s going to stick around for a LONG time.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if the FIV cat appears to be healthy, boosting his immune system, we believe, is probably the best fight against the virus. Like Mikey, Interferon can be introduced at a later stage.

Thank you for posting this message, Mikey’s human. You give us hope for a long, happy life for our FIV cats. We hope to keep our Nemo around until he is at least 20 years old. way to goway to goway to goway to go

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Saw Ninja in the Bristol, TN Animal Shelter and was drawn to her. Her name was given because she was in a primary position as the first cat seen when you walked in the door. Everyone that came by her cage she would try to swipe you. Never with claw but as an attention getter...as if to say...please come see me. Come back Come back. I think the name was a negative influence on adoption because I think humans saw that as a cat that would be scratching them all the time. I came by for 6 months and new her time was almost up. I came by on Christmas Eve and saw a little girl with family torn between Ninja and another cat. I saw the girl picked the other cat. I gave the keepers that if the girl wanted both cats I would pay for Ninjas adoption. I left only to come back weeks later to find out Ninja was still there. The minute I put up the money for the cat that the adopters said they wanted to use my money for their cat. Their original pick instead of Ninja. So when I left they decided they wanted a free cat. So I was frankly pissed. They had the money for the one cat already then took my generosity and their word to say we want this cat free. The purpose was to get Ninja adopted. Regardless who picked her up. I have been an advocate of pre paying adoption fees to advertise the animals that need adoption. I few months later I came back and said if Ninja was not adopted I would come back and adopt her myself. I got a call saying Ninja was going to be put down within days so I came down and picked her up. She has been a challenge. She is feral and a scared cat I have had to work with. Now she sleeps with me nightly and I think she trusts me.
My problem is I thought I was getting a healthy cat. When I got Ninja I took her to a vet after I noticed mucus and a foul smell coming from her nose. The vet tested for FIV and I found out that she was positive. I was a little disturbed by all this thinking the shelter was at least charging us for healthy cats. Then I found out in our little rural community that no vets carried Interferon. I called the Pharmaceuticals that carry the interferon asking if I could purchase. Of course I cannot even if I had the money. Which is a minimum order of $500. I can handle that for Ninja....now called Precious. I changed the name because that is who she is for me. My problem I want to get her some medicine to extend her life and cannot get anyone to purchase it. They have encouraged me to put her down. Unfortunately I do not want to. I have grown attached to her. I have been concerned about her getting my other two cats sick. I have thought about fronting the money and asking the Vet to order the interferon or to ask the community that ....."If they have a cat with FIV"......to contact me to go in on a group purchase with the request that the VET serve our animals. As if to say if he purchases the meds that he will recoup his cost immediately. One dosage is $50 so 10 cats can be served. I assume his markup will be in the $25 dollar range so $75 per shot. I am guessing here. If anyone knows or can help me with this situation. I would be grateful. I hate to see Ninja/Precious go. She has been through so much. I just wanted to stabilize her life a bit so that she can have some semblance of a life. She is the first cat I have ever seen curl up under the covers with me and watch me all night. She literally lays her head on my arm with body extended like she was my girlfriend and sleeps. It is the funniest thing I have ever seen. When I move her she looks offended like 'how dare you don't you know I was sleeping'. Classic. Any and all support is much appreciated. I know that there are more like me out there. Thank you.


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Hi Precious. I just found this blog. I don't know if it will be of any help to you, it won't be with your question of sourcing Interferon, but I thought it was interesting. http://blogs.plos.org/dnascience/2013/01/24/my-cat-has-aids/

One of my cats may possibley have FIV so I found the blog looking around for information on respiratory symptoms and FIV. My cat too has constant mucus coming out of his nose along with sneezing. He's been on antibiotics and methylprednisolone as well as some other meds and they have only helped slightly. So far the FIV and FeLV rapid tests have all been negative, but we are awaiting the results of a western blot for a (hopefully) definitive FIV test result.

Purrs to you.


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I’m glad Mikey I doing well, but I don’t use drugs on my cat. Mehtab has never had one drug put into his body since the day he was born. No vaccines, no flea/tick poisons, drugs, etc. He is 3 years old and has never had one illness in his life. Have you ever considered using natural immune strengthens to fight FIV? The same goes with his kidney failure. The overuse of antibiotics will create health problems in animals. I would be suspicious if the Interferon possibly led to the kidney failure. Longevity has a lot to do with genetics. I would never use Interferon. If I had an FIV cat, I would use natural immune strengthens, such as Vitamin C, Reishi, Shiitake, Vitamin E and Cat’s Claw. There is no way you would catch me putting drugs into my beloved animal’s body! I’m very surprised Mikey has lived to be so old on drugs an antibiotics!


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Hello, Mehtab. wave Welcome to Catster.

A good suggestion in the forums is be sure to check the date at the top of each post. Mikey's post was dated October 19, 2008. And it also helps to get to know the cat and his purrson by checking out the cat's page. (You can get to a cat's page by clicking on its picture).

Every cat is different and every situation is different. What works for one doesn't necessarily work for another. So we can only post experiences and suggestions to help people become aware of what's out there.

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Hi guys,

Can i know where to buy interferon ? I just discover my cat had fiv on last friday. Hes teeth rotted and the gum in red with blood doctor took out 11 teeth from hes mouth. Poor thing... doctor say will be come bk on and off when the age getting older. Haiz.... I saw online the medicine call interferon but I can't find it where to buy it. Hope someone know where get it.

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Guest, ask the vet for Interferon. It is a prescription drug that is used "off label" for pets.