Severe feline acne?

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So, Meowma has been trying to cure me of my acne for a while, but nothing has worked. I have large bald patches and a lot of visible large swollen pimples as well as the normal black flecks.

My fursister Kashmir had acne as well, but hers is gone now. My other fursister Dani has acne as well, but hers is only moderate (black flecks but no visible pimples or hair loss).

We are all eating out of ceramic bowls, and eating a high quality dry food (Evo- although Meowma want to switch to raw).

Is there any sort of cream or solution Meowma can use to help with this? Or anything else Meowma can do to fix this?

Arthur (Miss- You!- '93-'09)

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There are some ceramic glazes that can harbor bacteria the way that plastic does. Try glass or stainless steel.

I used to have really bad feline acne, too, but it got better after we started eating out of glass dishes.

Hope you get better soon, Carson!


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Sounds like you have acne with possibly an infection. At home you can scrub with an antibacterial soap such as phisoderm or dial. Then you can put an antibiotic cream on it such as neosporin. You can use the 'acne' pads for people as well although most cats don't like it much.

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I have had similar problems with acne. I also have some severe allergies (food and environmental) and my regular vet and my vet dermatologist feel that my acne is related to my allergies. I have really sensitive skin!

My acne did get better when we switched from ceramic bowls to glass bowls. I also have a special prescription spray/cream medicine and that has helped, too. Good luck!

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I had really bad acne too. I switched to glass dishes (2 for $1 at Dollar Tree) and had to stop using my Drinkwell Pet Fountain and just use the glass bowls for water too. My acne has cleared up now.

My mum did get an antibiotic creme (can't remember name) from the vets that was good when my acne got infected. Without it my acne would swell up to pea sized zits full of pus and were very painful. With the creme my acne would dry up and form a scab and heal up well within a couple of days.

The vet also told my mum to use warm compresses and a degreasing soap stuff but I hated that and wriggled/fought so it wasn't very effective.


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Thanks for the help, kitties! Meowma will pick up some glass bowls tomorrow and stop using the ceramic bowls.

Meowma tried to scrub my chin with antibacterial soap this morning but I wouldn't put up with it, even when she gently held my scruff I resisted too much so she just let me go.

Is benzoyl peroxide safe to be used on cats? I've heard it's great for drying up pimples and a friend reccomended I put some on his chin, but I'm very hesitant to try it in case it's not healthy for him.

Meowma is extremely tight for cash so going to the vet and getting a prescription cream/spray is a last resort- my vet is very expensive but he's a good vet.


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Feline acne is the story of my cat Matilda's life. Get rid of plastic mats if you have them. Stainless steel is best but I find that really flat ceramic bowls are fine, just wash them in between meals. A holistic vet told me that sometimes all of the fat they spray on dry food can aggravate the acne because it's so oily. You would think wet food would be messier but the dry food is worse for acne. Matilda's acne started as black specks so the vet gave me chlorhexidine scrub to clean it. It would clean it but it didn't permanently get rid of it. So then the vet clipped/shaved her chin and that made everything a million times worse...she had big cystic zits for months that would pop and bleed. We were given Animax ointment which did nothing but turn her fur yellow (it's a yellow cream and she's a white kitty). She was also on antibiotics at the time. My vet told me that a low percentage benzoyl peroxide cream can help, like Neutrogena's acne cream (I think it's 2.5 or 5% benzoyl peroxide). I have read that diluted iodine can be used as a cleaner. Just don't get anything higher than 5%.

I think my cat Matilda is just more prone to it. Our other cat has never had an issue with it. Matilda is part Persian and Persian cats can have skin face issues. Mattie's acne is not bad at all right now but there are still black specks around her mouth, especially in the corners. I don't think I will ever be able to get rid of those, which is fine as long as they don't get huge and painful like they used to be! Poor baby.

Right now I use alcohol-free Stridex pads to clean the little black specs and keep it at bay.

Food allergies could be a cause too.

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