Question about feline pregnancies.

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Purred: Thu Sep 18, '08 1:47am PST 
We are fostering Evie, and when she came to us, the shelter thought she would probably have her kittens within 2 weeks.

It's now five weeks later. She has gotten bigger, but has not developed milk lines, and there doesn't appear to be any swelling in the nipples. There have been no sign of the kittens, either. I have thought that I could feel them at different times.

She is eating well, has good energy levels, clear eyes and nose, and is only doing a normal winter-summer moult.

I took her into the shelter today to be checked out by the vet who comes in twice a week. Unfortunately, they kept her in a room with the other cats and kittens waiting to be seen by the vet, and in view and earshot of the dogs (Evie hates other animals, but loves people- I told them this!).

I was volunteering at the shelter, and about 2 hours after arriving, was asked to go to the clinic. Evie had attacked the vet and vet nurse. When I went in, she went for me too, but I was able to just hold her and she calmed down a bit. However, she refused to calm down enough for the vet to check her out, she was way too tense.

They were certain she was pregnant a few weeks ago. One of the possibilities they mentioned is that she is pregnant and is ok, but is not going to produce milk. My question is whether this will have a physical impact on Evie after they are born, if they are. We already have formula, teats etc for the kittens, but is there anything we should look for with Evie? Could it hurt her or make her sick? I guess I'm thinking of something similar to mastitis.

Also, would she be likely to bond with the kittens, or would it be hard for her?

At the moment, it is all guesswork. We are as certain as we can be that the kittens haven't died inside her, but will keep a very close eye on her.

A second vet (a cat specialist) is coming to the shelter next Tuesday, so I will take her in again. She is going to bring a feline pregnancy test to try and confirm what is going on.

I'm pretty much freaked out now, she was so upset and frightened. She also looked completely possessed, and she is such a lovely girl. I'd really love any word of "don't go completely insane"!


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I'm so sorry I have no advice about this - but poor Rosie came to us pregnant too, and the vet said any time within the next week (and she had only been with us inside for 3 days when we took her in, and freaked out and attacked me too - I think they are scared deep inside that y0u are leaving them there or something, poor sweeties...but she was the purrfect meowmy to her babies and she has grown into a sweet girl) ....and we waited for 3 more weeks as well.

Good luck and I hope somepurr else has some advice for you!