Lethargic Kitten

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Hello all! I got my kitten about four days ago from the animal shelter nearby. She was sweet, and loving, and the first evening I got home, was running full-speed around my house, learning her favorite hiding spots, and seeing what she could get away with. I took her to the vet the very next day, to get her a check up. The vet de-wormed her, told me her approximate age (5 weeks) and gave me a medicine to give her daily for her diarrhea. She's been so good about using her litter box, and her diarrhea has gotten better in just a few days. However, I am worried that she is not as active as a kitten her age should be. Since the first day I brought her home, it seems her energy level has gone down very much. Now she could lay in my lap all day with no problem. She doesn't seem to eat very much, I've been giving her kitten chow soaked in warm water, and morning and night will set out canned kitten food, and she seems to take no interest in the food at all. The vet did tell me she has a cold which will probably get worse before it gets better. Could this be the reason for her lethargy? I got her some KMR mother's milk substitute, since she is so young, but she won't drink it, and so I give it to her in a syringe, adding up to about how much of it she should have per day according to her weight. I also have to put her in front of her water bowl for her to drink any. I really need some advice here. I feel like the vet would have told me if there was anything seriously wrong. Am I doing something I shouldn't be, is there something more I could be doing? Please help if you can!


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Did she get her vaccines during the trip to the vet?thinking

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Sounds like a phone call to the vet is in order. If she has not been eating or drinking, you need to let your vet know. did she get her shot?. also, if your not happy, with your vets responce, you can always go for a second opinion, to a different vet. always better to be safe than sorry. keep us updated.


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No, I'm very happy with the vet, the entire staff was wonderful, and it's not a vet, it's actually a clinic just for cats. She didn't get her vaccines because I was told she was too young. She said to wait about a month and bring her back for them, and also she told me that Chloe has a cold. I didn't put much stock in the cold, but the more I researched it, the more I understood that her lethargy and lack of appetite could be caused by a cold. She does drink water, she's a bit shy of it, but once she gets the hang of lapping it up, she goes for it. The cause for the lack of appetite is because cats like to sniff their food before they eat, and if they can't smell, then they generally won't consume anything. I still am trying to get her to eat some canned food mixed with KMR off of my finger, and give her a little bit of KMR in a syringe so that I make sure she's getting some nutrients. She hasn't lost her ability to play, and runs after when I leave the room, so a lot of my anxiousness has been appeased. I imagine in the next week or so that she'll be as good as new, and chowing down on her food to make up for lost time. I also plan on getting several different brands of kitten canned food from the store tomorrow to see if any different kind entices her any more that what I've given her. I'll also keep microwaving it to make sure it's as fragrant as possible. If there's any more advice anyone can give me, please go ahead, I appreciate anything!


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A kitten that young needs antibiotics if she has a cold. It's not that it will "cure" the cold, it's that said antibiotics hold secondary infections at bay, which is very important with a kitten that young: we already are prone to illnesses to begin with (ask mom about it sometimes, I developed a yeast infection just from having ear mites, it's been pretty annoying to me). Any secondary infection is going to create a situation where she doesn't get better because her immune system is fighting too many things at once. So get her back to the vet, and ask for them to do something about the cold.

That said lack of appetite can occur with a cold, because she can't smell the food with her stuffy nose. Try giving her some really stinky wet kitten food. If she eats kitten chow, she'll eat wet food, and it might be a lot easier to detect as food.

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I'd ask the vet for a syringe and the minium the kitten's food intake should be and 'force feed' until it's eatting on it's own. Kit's that are ill and aren't eatting or drinking can go down hill really fast.
I also put them in a small bathroom and run the shower on hot with a little vicks. The steam opens them up a bit. Just be very careful kitty doesn't get into the shower or the vicks! I do that right before feeding time.
You also may want to stick to one kind of food as too many mixes upset kitty tummies!

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We would also reccommend a second trip to the vet and asking about antibiotics. Chloe is very young, and it is important to make sure she doesn't develop any yucky infections.

The suggestion to use the shower as a steamer is also a great idea, and well worth a try.

Good luck! Chloe is a beautiful little girl.


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Dry kibble should never be made wet or heated, it needs to be served as is. If you're doing this, please stop.