biting and chewing the bottom of her paws

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Purred: Sun Jun 8, '08 6:51am PST 
Can anyone give any info on this for me my cousin's cat LuLu is biting and chewing the pads on her paws to the point they are raw and smell sometimes.... any info would be great

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Purred: Mon Jun 9, '08 8:45pm PST 
Hi Katie,
I'm sorry I don't have any idea why your cousin's cat would be chewing her paws, but it sounds like she needs to take a visit to the vet.

Hopefully they will know what the problem is and help correct it before her paws become infected.

Let us know how she's doing, OK?


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Purred: Tue Jun 10, '08 1:00am PST 
Hi Katie, sound like a trip to the vet is in order, if your cousins kitty, is chewing the pads raw and they smell, they might already be infected, better to be safe than sorry. Keep us updated.


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Purred: Fri Jun 13, '08 11:39am PST 
She could have OCD, which in cats can manifest itself as self-mutilation. Treatment using human antidepressants is often effective. In any case, aside from the fact that it must be terribly distressing and uncomfortable for her, an infection is bad news. Vet visit ASAP is in order.

Nuk Anuk

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Purred: Fri Jun 13, '08 10:03pm PST 
My first thought was that this sounds like an anxiety behavior.
My next thought was it's possible that between her toes she started with an infection, (yeast or other bacteria) and has chewed the underside of her paw (her paw pads) in the attempt to get between her toes.
My following thought was that she has come in contact with something that irritates her paw pads or that she is allergic to and the resulting discomfort causes her to chew her pads.

That she has chewed herself raw and that there is a smell coming from her paw pads leads me to think there is already the infection in her pads. She will need at least an oral antibiotic and a good cleansing. Probably your veterinarian will want to swab and culture drainage from the wound to determine what type of antibiotic to prescribe.


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Please look up allergies and Malasezzia (yeast skin infection)
These things will make your cats paws itchy. Malasezzia often has the appearance of some gritty black stuff on the paws or within the pads.
I think you need to speak with your vet about this asap as if the paws are sore and red its possible you might well need coritsone treatment, if you do then please avoid the shot as you can not reverse it if you react, go for the pills and start up high and come down slowly.
all the best