No pain medicine after a spay?

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Purred: Wed Jan 30, '08 9:44am PST 
Yesterday Cheetah was spayed at the Humane Society. Now, I have 2 dogs and 2 cats but all of them were spayed or neutered before I ever owned them because they are all rescues. Cheetah was abandoned and found at about 6-8 weeks of age and was not spayed due to her age. So she is the first spay I have had to deal with. My dog Mama recently had a skin cancer tumor removed and was on pain meds and antibiotics for quite a while. Yesterday when I went to pick up cheetah, she was wide awake (it looked like the anesthesia didn't faze her) and when I asked about pain meds they said not to give her ANY. The only thing I could think of is that she just had a hole cut into her stomach the size of a quarter and no pain meds? When I got her home she just layed down and tried to lick the incision (of course i tried my best to keep her away from it) and when she walked she hunched over like she was in pain. Her head was low, tail was low to and seemed to me that she was feeling everything. Is this normal? They advised me very specifically NOT to give her anything..... but I feel bad....

( And by the way, I posted earlier about giving cheetah all of her shots, microchip & spay at the same time. After thinking it over, I decided not to do these at the same time despite them telling me it's safe and it happens everyday. )

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Purred: Wed Jan 30, '08 10:04am PST 
animals deal with pain much better than humans. It's generally common practice to not give any meds for a routine spay or neuter. if things wen't wrong, then they would, yes.

i know you feel bad for kitty. maybe lots of treats (when she can eat).


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Purred: Wed Jan 30, '08 10:08am PST 
There are a couple things that may be worth asking your vet about. First, if Cheetah is licking at the incision, you should get an e-collar (the lamp-shade looking thing) to put on her for 10-14 days until her sutures are removed or she is healed. You can take it off when she is supervised and you can keep her from irritating the incision. Cheetah should also be encouraged not to run, jump, or play rough (even though this is really tough). Lastly, pain medications can be given to spay patients. It was the thought in the past, that animals do not have the same pain receptors that humans do. It is being shown now that they do, but are more stoic about it. There is even a vet in MN (I believe) that is losing his license for not prescribing pain medications to some surgical patients. That being said, the vet school at Virginia Tech sends home a non-steriodal antiinflammatory medication called Metacam. Other veterinary clinics send a similar medication called Ketoprofen. These are usually given for 2-3 days. Antibiotics may or may not be dispensed depending on the doctor's personal preference. Often, amoxicillin drops will be sent home with patients for this. Please let me know if I can answer any other questions. Good luck and thanks for being a responsible mommy! way to go

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I personally think that all vets should send home spay patients with at least 2 days of pain medication, preferably 3.
When our cat Pepsi was spayed she was given a 24 hour hour acting pain killing injection but after that first 24 hours, she was obviously still in some pain. We weren't given anything to take home and we didn't ask but I've since heard several Catsters say that their vets sent them home with pain medication after spay ops. After I heard that, I felt quite mad that our vet didn't do that. and I wished I'd asked at the time.
Hope Cheetah makes a speedy recovery.

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Purred: Wed Jan 30, '08 1:13pm PST 
It is very common for animals to go home after a procedure w/o pain meds...unfortunately. Alot of places do not feel they need it. However, I would recommend 2-3 days of pain meds after a spay. Think about it this way...if you were to go in for the same procedure (hysterectomy) the doctors would not let you leave without Rxing some pain meds. It is an abdominal surgery and should be treated as such. Call them back and ask for a few days worth of pain meds. They should be able to offer that for your kitty.


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When my cats were spayed/neutered, they were given a pain med by injection which the vet said should last another day. They were quite young, I think around 6 months old at the time, and bounced back quickly. My vet used Isoflurance, a gas inhalant, so they come out of the anesthia pretty quickly with minimal side effects, unlike injection type anesthesia like Ketamine (which I won't ever let them use on a cat again after my last cat had a horrible reaction to it).

How is Cheetah doing today? I hope she's feeling better.


Purred: Wed Jan 30, '08 5:30pm PST 
Ketamine is a safe and effective drug when it is used properly. It works on a particular pain pathway that no other commonly used anesthesia drug does. Isoflurane, by itself, provides no pain relief whatsoever and can be very hypotensive.
How do you know that it was the ketamine that caused the problem? When there is a problem with an animal under anesthesia it can be very difficult to trace it to a particular drug.


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It's Fluff. Igot neutered last month and got sent home with a bottle of the same pain med that Delyte had for major abdominal surgery. We were told that I could have two doses a day for three days. My person ended up giving me three doses over two days but I really didn't seem to need the last two. I was tearing around and playing.

We were told when Queenie gets spayed to bring back the bottle that had the pain meds in it and they would fill it up for her after her surgery. As far as my person remembers, all her females have had pain meds afterwards and both Delyte and me.

Unfortunately a long time ago they used not to give any pain meds to male cats for the surgery, and the pain would really upset them. Our person had a beloved cat who was totally freaked afterwards by fear of someone hurting him again. Pain meds are hard for cats to tolerate and they used to be very hard on them, but the new anesthetics and pain meds are better. Our person had a dog who died from having her teeth cleaned, due to her liver failing from the anesthetic.

Ask for pain meds, it's a painful procedure.

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Purred: Wed Jan 30, '08 6:23pm PST 
killer got metacam (kitty tylenol) they gave me 2 oral syringes to be given 48hrs apart, so a total of 4 days. they gave me i believe .25 ml. spike was neutered and they sent me home with about 1/2 that to be given the same way. the reason for the different amounts was spike was less than 3.11lbs and killer was 5.3lbs. you can always ask them for metacam. damn we get something after we get hysterectomies don't we? women get sent home with 3 days worth of percaset after a normal birth too. sorry i find it kinda mean.shock

♥- Suey- ♥

Purred: Wed Jan 30, '08 7:14pm PST 
Suey was given a painkilling injection that made her pretty dozy for the next 24 hours. The vet said it was mainly because she is such an active little psycho, and they were worried about her tearing stitches. I feel very guilty though, knowing that was all, and Fui didn't get anything.

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