Cat ate Golden Pothos 'Epipremnum Aureum' maybe

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Purred: Fri Jan 25, '08 8:14am PST 
I'm pretty sure my Jr ate a piece of this plant. I have it hanging and in a window and He did this before so I keep them high but He is showing symptoms of eating it again. He did this once before and we took him to the docs and he gave us some thing like for a alsers. But I am wondering is there a home remedy we can try?


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Purred: Fri Jan 25, '08 9:01am PST 
All teh online sites just say "call vet immediately".
But if it wasn't toxic the first time, you might get away with waiting a bit. i don't know. i'd at least CALL and see what they say, instead of asking us loveable but non-professional cats here.