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I have 4 very senior cats (19 and 18 years). They are all healthy but are starting to lose weight. I don't want to completely change their diet due to them getting the "runs". They are currently eating Puring Vitality formula - I had them on the Indoor formula but with the weight loss, I changed them. One of them is just getting so thin, but he does eat. Is there a supplement or something that I should be giving them? Thanks!


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Have they both had their thyroids checked?

Your kitties are beautiful, especially at their ages! When our Lars grew older, he, too lost weight. We tried to give him some extra stuff for more calories, at least it seemed to halt the weight loss, although he did not really gain any back.

He liked treats, so we made sure he got plenty.
We gave him Nutrical (a supplement stuff you can get just about anywhere) every day.
Sometimes we gave him KMR (the kitten milk supplement), too.

I'm sure other kitties will have more suggestions, but at least this is a start for you.

Dusty- (Piglet) - 1989 - 2009 -

Built for- comfort - not for speed!
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They seem to want to drink milk (scream at me everytime I take it out of the fridge), but I don't give it to them because it doesn't give them any nutrients and gives them the runs. But - I do have some milk replacement - I think I will try that! Can't hurt them, I guess! I worry every time I leave the house that one of them will be gone when I come home. Thanks for the advice!

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If they react well to milk, maybe you could buy some of the canned kitten milk to give them--at least it will give them some nutritional benefit. I used NutriCal for my kittens when I first got them, and it really put weight on them quickly. I gave about half a tube of my leftover NutriCal to a friend with a very senior cat whose appetite had subsided. It got him feeling better and eating more of his own food. GOOD LUCK!

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Weight loss could indicate thyroid problems or kidney problems. not all cats with kidney problems drink and pee a lot. best be checked by the vet to avoid any further problems.


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If you haven't had any bloodwork done on them in the past 6 mths i would see your vet just to make sure, sometimes there are issues that don't show right away but are there.


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Hi Dusty! You are a gorgeous cat!

My first suggestion woud be a blood, stool, and urine test. This is probably an underlying health problem that needs to be dealt with. Since your cats are seniors, they should be getting their blood tested anywhere from 1-4 times per year. That way you will be able to catch health problems early and treat- if not CURE them.

My second suggestion would be to switch foods. I know that is not what you wanted to do, but Purina cat food is not superior. If you look at the ingredients, you'll notice almost all of the ingredients are grains and cereals (not to mention LOTS of artificial preservatives that cause cancer).

Cats are carnivores. They cannot function off of high-carb diets (i.e. Purina, Iams, Science Diet, other generic cat foods). They are predatory mammals that have evolved to eat a diet high in protein consisting of meats, organs, and bones (a raw food diet, Orijen, Innova, Felidae, Solid Gold, or EVO kibble). Their stomachs are not able to tolerate nor absorb the nutrients from cereals that their body needs..

Add something nutritious into your cats' diets. Raw eggs, slightly cooked ground meats, raw meaty bones (YES, I said raw meaty BONES, bones are safe as long as they are raw), and raw organs will add nutrients that are easily absorbed by your cat's body. Why? Because cats are built to eat and soak up nutrients from raw materials.

Some warmed up Kitten Milk Replacer will also put some weight on your cats. Mix it into their kibble.

Good luck! We hope you two gain lots of weight and have many more years to thrive!kitty

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I would like my cat to gain some weight too. She is about 7 or 8 years old and she weighs 7 pounds. The vet says they are not concerned with her weight because it is steady and she is not losing any weight.
It just seems like another pound or too would be nice to see on her. We have to monitor when she eats because about twice a week she will throw-up almost immediately after eating. So if we're with her we can put her on the tile instead of the rug for easy clean up. The vet says that is not a concern either due to the fact she has no other symptoms and doesn't lose weight. When she throws up it is just whole, undigested food.
I have never tried that kitten milk but have seen it in stores. Maybe I will give that a try for some extra nutrients for her.