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Trackball Wizard
Purred: Mon Dec 10, '07 7:58am PST 

I think it would be fun and informative to create a collection of litters we've sampled, along with a brief review. My mom's a total litter junkie (the "perfect" litter has eluded her), so I know she'll enjoy reading other kitties' opinions. And please add your own two cents for a litter that's already been reviewed; not everyone has the same experience!

I'll go first...

BRAND: Swheat Scoop
PRICE: $8.99 for 14 lbs
LASTS: 1 Month with 1 Kitty
SMELLS LIKE: Sweet Cardboard
CLUMPS: Tend to fall apart...
BOTTOM LINE: It's a economical, natural litter... and my personal favorite!

BRAND: World's Best Cat Litter (Original and Extra Strength)
PRICE: $7.99 for 7 lbs
LASTS: 1 Month with 1 Kitty
SMELLS LIKE: Strong Chicken Feed
CLUMPS: Very hard!
FLUSHABLE: Yes, but tends to clog our toilet...
BOTTOM LINE: The litter smell bothers Mom, and I refuse to cover my waste. Not recommended.


On the Prowl....
Purred: Mon Dec 10, '07 6:33pm PST 
I have tried "Feline Pine" and honestly, I hated it!! It didn't cover any odors and the cats tracked it everywhere! It was about $3.00 at Walmart and I thought I would give it a try. This was right after I learned about how bad the clumping clay litter was that I was using. After I ditched that, I looked around for other alternatives. Contrary to your review on "The worlds best cat litter" it has worked wonders for the poopy smells in my room, and I love it. It has made my room fresh, and I don't smell the actual litter itself. I use the extra strength.

My 2 cents.... Feline Pine, BLAH.... Worlds best cat litter, YAY! smile

Sorry I didn't keep to your format, I don't know that much info about it!! laugh out loud


August 2002-May- 2010. I AM- MISSED!
Purred: Mon Dec 10, '07 6:40pm PST 
I am weird I am allergic to most cat litters! shrug This is what my Mommy says about litter:

BRAND: Feline Pine
SUBSTANCE: pine sawdust
PRICE: $4 for the small bag
LASTS: 3 bags last 2 Months with 1 Kitty
SMELLS LIKE: nothing
CLUMPS: doesn't clump
BOTTOM LINE: It's a economical, natural litter, and something Liberty is not allergic to.
PERSONAL NOTE: Arm & Hammer baking soda for cat boxes will help controll odors better then anything. Cost: $2.16 and last 3 months for one kitty!

Margaux- Hemingway

It's all about- me, and always- was!
Purred: Mon Dec 10, '07 7:07pm PST 
I am in the middle of finals, so will fill in information later, but I have to highly recommend Fresh Results. There is a flushable variety, although the bags are very similar. If the clumps are left undisturbed for long enough, they are VERY solid, a bag lasts about 2-3 weeks for two cats, and it smells like evergreen. It does a great job covering odor after about 10 minutes post-elimination. Also, it guarantees it will not get stuck in incisions or cuts. That's why I bought it to begin with--so Margaux couldn't mess up her spay. Mueller loves to play in litter, and for that purpose, he prefers Tidy Cat. But that stuff is SO DUSTY! I like the Fresh Results better than any litter I've tried, and I know that if either cat needs surgery or gets hurt and has stitches, they can still go in their usual litter. No fear of litter in stitches, and no "I reject this new litter" reaction.


Purred: Mon Dec 10, '07 8:39pm PST 
I have used both worlds best and swheat scoop.
I like swheat scoop better as it tends to have less "dust" then the worlds best. Neither one is fantastic for odor control ( when compared to other litters on the market) but they are all natural and much better for the delicate respiratory system of a kitty smile
meooooroooowww! Hanny =^..^=

Lucky Boo,- Loved &- Missed

Mommy's Guardian- Angel

Purred: Mon Dec 10, '07 8:46pm PST 
BRAND: Tidy Cats Multiple Cats
SUBSTANCE: Clay-based
PRICE: $8.99 for 20 pounds
LASTS: 3 Weeks with 2 Kitties
SMELLS LIKE: Perfume (eew)
ODOR CONTROL: Eh, all right I guess... but we hate the perfume smell
CLUMPS: Very hard!
BOTTOM LINE: Don't like the perfume smell, the dust flies when changing litter or even scooping out clumps. Not recommended.

BRAND: S'Wheat Scoop
PRICE: Don't remember exactly how much we paid, but it was comparable with World's Best Cat Litter prices.
LASTS: 1 Month with 2 Kitties
SMELLS LIKE: Don't remember; we only tried it once.
CLUMPS: Decent
FLUSHABLE: Don't recall; we don't ever flush any litter.
BOTTOM LINE: We were looking for a litter with minimal dust, and for us, this wasn't it.

BRAND: World's Best Cat Litter
PRICE: $36.99 for 35 lbs
LASTS: 2 Months with 2 Kitties
SMELLS LIKE: I don't know how we'd describe it, but we do think it's a pleasant smell, as far as cat litter goes
ODOR CONTROL: Excellent!
CLUMPS: Very hard! But the clumps do tend to break apart for us... not a big deal, though.
FLUSHABLE: Yes, but we can't flush it here at our dump of an apartment--our toilet is iffy at best. Besides, flushable is not a priority when we are shopping for litter... dust free is our priority, and WBC is dust free.
BOTTOM LINE: We like the scent, especially because it smells natural and not like perfume. We love that it has natural ingredients and isn't loaded with chemicals like the Tidy Cats. Our favorite thing about it, though, is that it is low-tracking and virtually dust-free!! A big bag also lasts us a really long time. Our favorite litter ever!


Miss Meow Meow
Purred: Tue Dec 11, '07 6:59am PST 
BRAND: Fresh Step with odor eliminating carbon
SUBSTANCE: Clay based
PRICE: $15.00 for 40 lbs
LASTS: 1 month and 2 weeks with 2 cats
SMELLS LIKE: Cheap Perfume
ODOR CONTROL: It covered up the odor but we hate the perfume smell.
CLUMPS: Very hard.
BOTTOM LINE: This stuff is bad kitty litter! It creates an enormous cloud of dust and the perfume scent is VERY strong!!!
Sophie refused to cover up her waste when using this litter and every time Jack finished doing his business he would go straight to the window for air!

BRAND: World's Best Cat Litter (Extra Strength)
PRICE: $20.00 for 17 lbs
LASTS: 1 Month with 2 cats
SMELLS LIKE: Even though it's made out of corn it doesn't smell like it. It's a natural smell, I can't really describe it but I like it.
ODOR CONTROL: It's great, it covers up the odor.
CLUMPS: It's great, it clumps very hard.
FLUSHABLE: Yes, but I don't flush it because I think it's weird flushing cat poop down the toilet lol.
BOTTOM LINE: I love this litter and so do my cats!!! Practically no dust! And it has a natural smell to it, no perfume YAY! dancing


Trackball Wizard
Purred: Tue Dec 11, '07 7:37am PST 
BRAND: Nature's Miracle
SUBSTANCE: Corn and Pine
PRICE: $10.99 for 10 lbs
LASTS: The bag claims it will last 3 weeks.
SMELLS LIKE: Pine trees
ODOR CONTROL: Amazing! That's assuming he covers...
CLUMPS: Very hard, and comparable to World's Best.
BOTTOM LINE: We're still in the "trial" stage. The strong scent might put off some cats, but I really enjoy it. It does track A LOT more than other litters.

BRAND: Feline Pine
SUBSTANCE: Pine Pellets
PRICE: $9.99 for 20 lbs
LASTS: 1 Month with 1 Pug (Yes, Dory is litter box trained!)
SMELLS LIKE: Processed Pine Pellets
BOTTOM LINE: It's a economical, natural litter... but the scent starts to gross me out, and the sawdust tracks EVERYWHERE!

BRAND: Yesterday's News
SUBSTANCE: Recycled Newspaper Pellets
PRICE: $14.99 for 30 lbs
LASTS: 2 Weeks with 1 Pug
ODOR CONTROL: Nonexistant
BOTTOM LINE: This litter can get expensive, and it provides no odor control. Wet litter needs to be scooped daily. Not recommended for kitties.


Purred: Tue Dec 11, '07 8:25am PST 
We tried the Worlds best Litter and didn't like it at all. We use the Target brand and it works great. About $3.77 for a 14lb container. Last a good month with one cat. The smell is not overly strong and the clumps are great. It is not flushable. Doesn't track in the house either.

Lucky Boo,- Loved &- Missed

Mommy's Guardian- Angel

Purred: Tue Dec 11, '07 8:52am PST 
I forgot one that we've tried:

BRAND: Tidy Cats Small Spaces
SUBSTANCE: Clay-based
PRICE: $8.99 for 20 lbs
LASTS: About a month for 2 cats
ODOR CONTROL: Actually this litter does have decent odor-control. We live in a tiny apartment and have 2 litter boxes in it but when we used this we noticed less odor than when we used regular Tidy Cats Multiple Cats.
CLUMPS: Very hard
FLUSHABLE: I don't think so but am not sure.
BOTTOM LINE: Better than Tidy Cats Multiple Cats, for those who live in a small dwelling, anyway. But it has the same problems as the other Tidy Cats: litter tracking everywhere and giant dust clouds from cleaning and scooping the box. We don't like the perfume smell either.

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