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Purred: Tue Dec 4, '07 12:56pm PST 
Some of you may be aware of my past issues with Jasper and his peeing in bad places [furniture]. This has been going on for a few months and after going through the works; nature's miracle, professional cleaners, feliaway, litterbox/litter changes, diet change, full urine and blood work up...Jasper is as healthy as can be. Which is great but now we are dealing with a behavioral problem. So, now we are down to...medication. I've had a few arguments with my stepmom, so as much as I'm not thrilled I have to give Jasper medication I'd rather then having to deal with my stepmom threatening to give him away.

So, Jasper will start Amitriptyline, 5 mg, once a day. Has anyone had any experience with this pill? Side effects? Did it work? Thanks in advance!


Purred: Wed Dec 5, '07 5:24am PST 
wave Hi!
Please let me know how this works out for you. I have the same problem with no medical cause and my vet suggests prozac. My Mom really doesn't want to go that route, but may have to as I make my house so stinky. shrug

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Purred: Wed Dec 5, '07 5:38am PST 
I have no experience with antidepressants for kitties, but I do want to say good luck. It really sounds like you've tried everything to combat this inappropriate urination problem. And I think antidepressants can work wonders in some cats just like they can in some people... we just have to be aware that they can also be harmful in some who take them. Just be on the lookout for any ongoing behavioral changes like loss of appetite, lethargy, etc. Just because those meds work for the majority does not mean they will work for all. But I certainly hope they work for Jasper! Good luck!

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Purred: Mon Dec 10, '07 11:00pm PST 
Im not ure you should use it for a cat i acctualy used to take it myself when i was yunger andd i had really bad sidefects such as feeling so drowsy i felt drunk and would get nasious. deffinatly get a second opinion


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Purred: Wed Dec 12, '07 11:11am PST 
Here is Drug info:

Because the long-term safety of amitriptyline in cats has not been well-established, OSU Veterinary Hospital recommends that serum liver enzyme concentration (e.g., ALT, ALP, AST) be evaluated before, one month after institution of therapy, and at least yearly thereafter to assure that the drug has not adversely affected liver function. However, in the experience of the staff of OSU Veterinary Hospital, amitriptyline given at the above dosage (2.5-12.5mg) is safe for at least two years. Potential side effects include excessive urine retention (anticholinergic effects) and increased concentrations of liver enzymes.

The drug should be given at night according to OSU.

Case study:
Case Study


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Purred: Thu Dec 13, '07 10:52am PST 
I tried it for a short while. Mom decided to take me off it because she said it changed my purrsonality too much. No matter what happened, I refused to purr while on that drug. I didn't like it and mom didn't like it. My potty problems happen because I keep getting infections, but the vets thought it may be due to stress. Mom is at her wits end with me. red face

If they think it may be stress, you could also try Valium. Mom said no to that at first, but then eventually tried it. I was like drunk kitty and missed the windowsills a lot, so after a few weeks, mom stopped that too. You have to give any medication a trial that is long enough though. Every med has side effects, but they sometimes wear off. Mine didn't on either drug.

Mom and I made a compromise. She has all hardwood floors (I ruined all the rugs and the one room that has carpet) so she bought a bunch of bath mats and I pee on those. She just washes them a lot.

By the way, did you use Cat Attract litter? I can't remember if you listed that or not. If you haven't, you may want to give it a try.

Good luck,


Purred: Fri Dec 14, '07 4:03am PST 
My doc is suggesting Prozac. Anyone else try this?


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Purred: Fri Dec 14, '07 6:09am PST 
I take clomipramine (Clomicalm) for my spraying/peeing problem, and it's made things about 80% better. I also have idiopathic cystitis (where your bladder is irritated so you feel like going a lot) which flares up from time to time and is worse if I'm stressed. The medicine hasn't changed my personality at all, and I've been on it for a few years now. The only sad thing is that the stuff mom gets from the pharmacy now tastes worse than what they made for me in UT.
Other than that, tile floors and a good urine cleaner (like Urine-Off for cats or Cat Odor-Off) are lifesavers for mom when I mess up. Since she says I'm a wonderful cat otherwise, she's not giving up on me.


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Purred: Sat Dec 15, '07 2:51pm PST 
I took amitriptyline for awhile, until Mom & Dad tired of fighting me to take my meds, it was making things much more stressful. Mom got bitten and scratched up trying to give me my pill and hiding it in food or treats didn't work, I ate around it. They tried getting it compunded with triple fish oil, to no avail. I would foam at the mouth if I even smelled it!
In the end they solved my behavioral peeing issues by putting me in the box several times a day until I got on a routine. If I peed in the box I got treats. Puppy pee pads went in all my common peeing spots. Now they have me on a routine, they pee me in the morning, when they get home from work and before bed. I get two treats and lots of praise if I pee. If they come home from work and find an accident (which is rare anymore) then I get put up in my room and do not get family time.
I know cats who have had success with Clomicalm, and with Prozac.
I hope you find what helps you.


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Purred: Sat Dec 22, '07 12:34pm PST 
shock Boy that sounds familiar. I took it a short time, but it was because I was vomiting and they thought it was hairball related.
Because I seemed to overgroom I took it for about a month. Mom said it made me tired acting and didn't care for it. I did kind of stop the overgrooming, but I had other troubles with my tummy so we can't say much about it for other things.
I do know the vet said to be sure to check blood pressure if you are on it. shrug Just one of the medicines I had when they first got me.

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