Black Crusty Spots on chin?

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Princess- Nala

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Purred: Fri Jul 6, '07 9:03am PST 
So mom is a little worried about Cali and a little worried about me, Cali has crusty black dots all over her chin and she just got them and shes worried i might get them.
We eat and drink out of black rubber bowls and mom is going to switch to glass ones.....

Do you know of any medicaton or something to clean Cali's chin with? Mom wants it to go away so Cali doesnt feel uncomfortable!


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Sounds like cat acne to me! I should know because I've had it. Switching from the rubber bowls to the glass ones is a good idea because bacteria can hang out in plastic/rubber bowls and this leads to cat acne. I get my chin cleaned with Cetaphil, which is a face cleaner for humans but is very mild and okay to use on cats too (as confirmed by my vet). Keep an eye on the acne as sometimes it can lead to something even worse, like an abcess. If it starts getting very inflamed I would suggest taking your cat to the vet. For now, just try cleaning with the Cetaphil a couple of times a day and see it that clears it up.


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Purred: Fri Jul 6, '07 9:38am PST 
It sounded like chin acne. Most cats get this, but your mom's idea changing your bowls might help and the bowls could have been the problem. When I was at the vet, she recommended Dial orange soap (regualr) to rub under my chin to help it go away. You can also try Neosporin.

You can always try calling the vet and see if they would know what it might be. If they look scabby, then you guys might have chin acne. Cats get it from rubbing their chins alot on bushes, wood, anything. Because they wear away the fur under their chin from all the rubbing and then they scab under there and bleed. But because you said they are black, have your mommy keep a close eye on you and see if she can try calling the vet and see what they suggest.

Good luck!!


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I really does sound like cat acne. I had it bad, but mommy changed my bowls. We had plastic bowls, now we have metal ones. Ceramic ones are good too! They don't hold bacteria.

I hope it's clears away! Good luck! way to go

Abbie- (always in- my heart)

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Oh yes, it's feline acne. Do you have plastic bowls? When Abbie had feline acne, it got so bad that we even had to have some of them lanced and cauterized. She was on several medicines, both oral and topical. Finally, a vet tech asked me about plastic bowls. Yes, I said, we had plastic water bowls and clay food bowls. She recommended that I switch to stainless steel. After a week or so, her acne was gone and never came back!

I would see a vet no matter what, but if you do use plastic bowls, I would switch now. Your kitty may need antibiotics, but switching to stainless will make it a faster process.

(There are other causes than plastic bowls, that's just what I usually think of since it was the cause of Abbie's acne.)

Good luck!


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ohh that achne frown you can get stuff to wash the chin with from the vet, otherwise wash your kitties chin after they eat and make sure you wash it before bed and int he morning. It should go away if the chin is kept clean.


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I agree with Abby. I'd see a vet. There are specialized medications that can be used to help treat acne. Depending on how severe the problem, you may even need to get your chin shaved in order to keep the area cleaner while you heal.

http://www.fabcats.org/owners/infosheets/disease/skin/acnea ndstudtail.html