throwing up clear fluid

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How scary is this? My cat pukes from time to time like all cats but it has never been clear liquid. I have had to change her diet from dry to canned cause she is waaay too chubby for her health. Is this just a symptom of the diet change? It scares me!

edited to say: This happened twice, one four days ago and once today.

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I throw up clear liquid when I have a hairball?? I don't know if it would be diet related? shrug


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It's hard to say whether this is something to be worried about or not. Vomiting in cats can be caused from somthing as simple as the result of rapid ingestion of dry food and water or even hair ingestion like Diesel stated. And, believe it or not, a low fiber diet can also be responsible for vomiting in cats. But, vomiting can also be a sign of something more serious.

With that in mind, I am going to recommend that you see your vet for the following reason:

You stated that you just recently switched to an all canned diet, and as of today, Menu Foods announced a huge recall of several different brands of wet pet food. (The most common complaint was vomiting.) Exact name brands have yet to be named, but there is another thread on the forum about this which I have posted more information in. I have listed the link to the thread below.

Please understand that I am not trying to scare you, however, I am a firm believer that 'better safe than sorry' is always the best motto to follow.


http://www.catster.com/forums/Cat_Health/th read/391104

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Thanks for the response! I am just feeding her Whiskas right now until my fiancee gets another job as he was just laid off and then we will switch to some organic good stuff. If this happens one more time, I will have to take her to the vet on credit! Anything for my furry gal. Thanks again... although the url wasnt working?


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The URL will work if you remove the space between the h and r in "thread." I don't know why those spaces show up sometimes, I guess it's a flea that just won't go away.

Try this:Link

They're supposed to be posting a list of all the brands that are affected at http://www.menufoods.com/recall first thing in the morning, so I'm not sure if Whiskas is affected or not.

Anyway...I throw up liquid sometimes when I get hairballs, too! I agree that you should probably see your vet, but in the meantime a shot of hairball remedy probably wouldn't hurt.

Hope you're feeling better soon, Nikki!