Can cats get hemorrhoids?

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Japanese Bobtail
Purred: Fri Jan 25, '13 8:52am PST 
Yes cats can get hemorrhoids (did I spell that right) and yes that picture above looks like it.
I have had that problem since I was a kitten and I also have VERY hard stools.
I really dont care for wet food as much as mom would like me to, so therefore I tend to eat much more dry. My butt gets like the picture above and then it scabs over (can you imagine pooin thru a hardened scab?) and then I bleed after my poop. Not alot, just a tad. We have tried pumpkin and other things but its a temporary fix. Mom trys to keep my bottom moist with different types of butt creams. The vet says leave well enough alone. Not much you can do.

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