Spayed- bleeding A LOT

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Purred: Tue Nov 21, '06 5:44pm PST 
I took my stray to the vet to get spayed and picked her up at 4pm. Kittie was acting REALLY strange and had to be picked up with gloves and bit and scratched at them. Not like her at all. I was assured that it was from being put under. When we got home, kittie walked out of the carrier and went about five feet and stood there dripping blood. I called the vet and took her back. The vet opened her again at 8 and said that she had a hematoma and that she fixed it. she said it was either from being put in her box or while in route home. I am not buying that since she really didn't move that much other than crying miserably. Has anyone else ever had a problem after being spayed? She had laser surgery and a pain shot after.

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About the post:
She had a hernia not a hematoma.

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Purred: Wed Nov 22, '06 7:38am PST 
Hmmm well I didn't have a hernia - but I did come home and my incision started to open up...mommy discovered it because I was licking myself there.

She had to take me back to Petsmart the next day and they had to stitch me back up - the vet was actually shocked...the incisions are on the inside and not the outside so it was odd.

I am sorry for your pain though and hope you recover quickly.


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Purred: Wed Nov 22, '06 8:18am PST 
If she struggled alot getting ito the box or while she was waking up in the cage, then it is a possibility. Having said that, I have never had a kitty wake up and go home from surgery to then come back w/ a hernia.
I do not know about laser surgery though, as mom has not worked w/ them, so I do not know how common this is w/ that type of surgery. Sure hope you are feeling well today.


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I can't believe they didn't make you stay overnight at the vets office. I had to stay. The only problem I had was that I was a little sick from the anesthia the next day.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

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Thanks for the posts. Kittie will be spending a few days at the vets per my request. I fear what may happen if I take her home and can't get ahold of anyone on Thanksgiving day! I too have talked to severaly "cat" people and no one seems to even have heard of this. I thought I was doing a good thing by going laser. Maybe not....... I have to admit that I am feeling very guilty even though I know she needed to be spayed. Has anyone else felt guilty over something like this? It is a strange feeling for me.

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Although I had my spay surgery the regular (cutting) way, and it was 12 yrs. ago, our vet will use lasers now if the owners want it. He likes laser surgery because he says there is very little bleeding and the wound heals faster.

Back then, I had pain medication while at the vet's office overnight, and although she asked for it, my purrrson was not given any pain medication for me when I went home. I was in pain the first day home, and mom held me a lot and felt guilty that I was hurting. I felt better the next day and now mom says if ever we adopt another girl kitty, when her time comes for the operation, mom will INSIST on pain medication!

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Purred: Wed Nov 22, '06 6:32pm PST 
It really is a major surgery, so there is always a risk. Having your little girl fixed is just part of being a responsible owner, and it could have happened to anycat. I just got fixed on Saturday, and I still have some pain today, but when I came home it was really upsetting. Even the kitties were scared of me, because I carried myself so carefully. Don't feel bad, could have happened to anyone.
I like Athena's idea of insisting on pain meds. I didn't get any either, besides what they gave me before I left.


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Purred: Thu Nov 23, '06 7:59am PST 
I had a hernia after my spaying surgery, too...even though I had been kept overnight and didn't really do anything to cause it even after I got home. It was about as wide as Mommy's pinky and half as long. The vets office said it was from too much movement, but that was a lie (people always lie about me!)
I guess getting a little hernia after spay surgery is common.
Anyway, it did go away....but there was NEVER any blood. That just does not sound right.


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Phoebe, sounds like you had a seroma, not a hernia, since it went away on its own. They are very common.

Hernias are rare postop, but if the stray kitty in question was stressing out when she was picked up by her owner, maybe she was jumping around while she was waking up from anesthesia? Some anesthesias make them a little wigged out. Just a guess.

My momma is a vet and always keeps girl kitties two days after surgery and always, always gives them pain medication. She doesn't do laser surgery so has no comments on that part of it.

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